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Village Whiskey or Rouge burger?

Visiting Philly for a few days from Toronto. Had dinner at Village Whiskey last night - it was one of my all-time favourite burger and I'm wondering if I can go home without eating it again. We were previously considering the Rouge burger before our early evening flight Saturday. How does it stack up? Should we just go back to Village Whiskey? Thanks!

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  1. Village Whiskey's burger (and fries) is overrated, imho. Rouge is better. Another good choice would be Good Dog.

    1. Another vote for Rouge, great iced coffee as well.

      1. Pub & Kitchen is also nearby and makes a great burger and fries.

        1. Save your money and go to shake shack across the street. And get a concrete while you are at it.

          1. I haven't had the Rouge burger in a long time because I wasn't crazy about it the first time I had it, if you want another great burger I'd go to the Good Dog or Pub and Kitchen. VW is my favorite burger in the city though.

            1. As the self proclaimed unofficial Burger expert of the United States I would stick with VW. That piece of meat is magical. It literally makes love to your mouth. In my opinion it blows all the other burgers away. Great now I have to go get one today.

              1. I'd have to agree with you DirtyJerzey. We ended up going back for round 2 - I was worried the burger wouldn't be as good the second time in so few days but it was indeed magic. Again. Might be tied for my fave burger of all time (#1 is at Comme Ca in LA).

                Also, this time we ordered the fries well done (I didn't love them the first time but hard to get a burger with no fries) and they were much tastier.

                cwdonald, I've eaten at Shake Shack (in NY) - I thought it was great for a fast food-style burger but wouldn't put it in the same food category as the VW burger.

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                  I have too.. my reply was sarcastic at best. The VW burger while good, is hardly worth the wait that you often have. And the price is pushing it. Personally i prefer Good Dog because Roquefort is one of my favorite cheeses on a burger.

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                    We went early (had to leave for the airport at 6) so we walked right in. Are you talking about the price of the Whiskey King or Village burger? I did the latter, based on other posts on chow, plus cheddar and caramelized onions - given the size and flavor, I didn't mind the price at all. I will definitely try Good Dog next time I come to Philly though.

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                      Mid afternoon in the summer is about the only time you can walk right in at Village Whiskey. And I was referring to the Whiskey King burger... but you are right the Village burger is much more reasonable. Personally my favorite things at Village Whiskey are their house made pickles.

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                        If you get to Atlantic City, I have heard that it is easier to get into the new Village Whiskey in the Revel hotel.

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                          I have heard the view is stunning as well. I am a bit skeptical that a large hotel based restaurant will be able to turn out the quality of food you would find in a small restaurant like VW. While I have been pleasantly surprised with a few restaurants in Vegas, I still contend there is almost always a decline in quality as your volume goes up exponentially. I am down in AC this fall so I look forward to trying VW Ac's outpost.

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                            Havent been to VW but I was very impressed with the Guapos Tacos truck in the Revel.

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                              When Laban did his review, he said that he thought it was easier to get a seat there because it is larger. He also said that everything was the same, quality-wise.

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                                I remain skeptical .. I will be curious to see how well they cook to temperature... a great test is always for two people to order the same dish, (steak burger etc.. ) and have one cooked to the rare/medium rare side and the other to the medium medium well side. Anyway was they say the proof is in the pudding, and I look forward to trying it this Fall.

                                1. re: cwdonald

                                  You are gracious for continuing to eat out with someone who orders their meat medium well (if you're the one who likes the medium rare)! I'm kidding. I never judge my friends and family's food preferences...

                                  I feel like one important part of the VW burger is the way the meat is not compacted (if that makes sense), so it's not dense burger. That seems like it ought to translate pretty easily to the AC location, if they're just using the same tubes of hamburger meat that they also sell (sold?) at Garces Trading.