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What to do with a ton of rosemary leaves?

I just stripped several rosemary branches to use as skewers. I now have approximately 3 cups of leaves and need some ideas.

Any thoughts?

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    1. re: wyogal

      and mash that into compound butters which freeze and store great.

    2. Let them dry and use them all winter. The flavor is so much better than the store-bought dried rosemary.

      If you have a leg of lamb sitting around the kitchen, make a paste of rosemary and garlic to coat the roast.

      Sometimes I love rosemary bread, and sometimes it has way too much rosemary in it. There's a delicate balance there, but when you do it right, it's heavenly.

      1. ...and once they're dry, you can crumble in your palm or use a mortar and pestle to break them up before use.

        1. yesyes, dry them....they have *great* medicinal value and properties, and have loads of antioxidants!

          1. I freeze or dry mine but also love to infuse vinegars with rosemary. Not only that but I enjoy making rosemary jellies and simple syrup. You can also infuse olive oil with rosemary and garlic. I also add a few peppercorns to the simmering oil but you can add whatever you like.

            1. They're great in a marinade for meat or chicken. Also, love using rosemary in my pizza dough that I grill. Great flavor!!!

              1. Rosemary french fries - toss in a bunch when you have 5 mins left on the potatoes frying or baking.

                Rosemary and lemon shortbread cookies

                Rosemary iced tea

                Rosemary mojitos

                Rosemary and watermelon sorbet

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                  Rosemary iced tea is an interesting idea. Do you put the needles in the tea loose or in cheesecloth or something for easier removal?

                  1. re: tcamp

                    I have a metal tea infuser that I use for the rosemary needles but a thin cheesecloth would work just as well. You can also infuse ice cubes in a tray and add them for a pretty touch.

                2. Rosemary Hair Rinse from a member of our CSA:

                  When I received the Rosemary two weeks ago I must admit I was puzzled as to how I might use it. You see I have a yard full of Rosemary which I use for cooking. Then I remembered that my mother used to make up a brew with Rosemary to rinse her hair. I tried it and it is great. Just take the rosemary, barely cover it with water and bring to boil, lower burner to simmer and cook for about 15 minutes. It should be a deep color. Put in a jar and store in the refrigerator when you wash your hair use ½ of a cup full of rosemary water and add ½ cup of warm water. Pour through hair and rinse out. Not only does it leave a nice clean smell in your hair, it seems to give it more body and shine. So thanks, for not only good food but a clean hair rinse as well.

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                    I like using them as a bed for roasting: salmon (whole fish or filets of any kind, actually, though I think fish with higher oil content pairs best) chickens or potatoes...they impart a delightful piney scent....Lucky you!

                    1. re: JellyDoughnut

                      I agree, I've done this with fish. We have rosemary bushes all up and down our driveway and along our fences, Mr. Chardgirl says I have more rosemary than all my girlfriends. :-)

                    2. re: Chardgirl

                      Chard, if we're going to include non edible suggestions don't stop with hair rinse. Buy a standard body cream, baby oil or unscented shampoo and infuse with rosemary. We still love filling cottons with herbs to make sachets and chair pillows. Rosemary has dozens of uses.

                    3. Dry them, add to bath salts for an invigorating and aromatherapy bath time. In Quebec, there is a recipe for salted herbs which conserve herbs for quite a long period of time.

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                        Speaking of salt, I make a rosemary citrus salt which is lovely sprinkled on many things - best of which is fish. I simply dry rosemary, crumble and add to coarse salt and citrus zest. Right now I have rosemary with orange, lemon and lime.

                        1. re: Ruthie789

                          THIS, this is what I would do as my answer to your question was pitch it ;) I can't stand rosemary, it's unfortunate really, I feel about rosemary the way some feel about cilantro. I think it would be ok enough for me to bathe in though ;)

                        2. I bake a batch of savory oatmeal (or non-oatmeal) cookies with rosemary and parmesan. They're so simple to make and delicious for anytime. Great for soups too.
                          You can freeze and cookies and bake them later too.

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                          1. re: MDcooksfor2

                            MD, can you please post this recipe for savory oatmeal cookies? Thanks!

                            1. re: Val

                              Sure thing. Here ya go...
                              Another variation would be to cut out the oatmeal and add 1/2 cup more flour for a crunchier and crispier cookie
                              1 cup quick cooking oats
                              1/4 cup warm water
                              1/4 cup olive oil
                              1/4 cup brown sugar
                              1 egg
                              1/2 cup cream cheese (or 1/2 cup sour cream, whatever you have left over)

                              1 cup flour
                              1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese
                              1/2 tsp sea salt
                              1/4 tsp baking soda
                              3 teaspoon rosemary (fresh)
                              1/4 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper

                              Preheat oven to 350F.
                              Pour into a medium size bowl 1/4 cup of water. Microwave that for maybe 30 sec so its warm. Mix in 1 cup of oats to it and mix it good. It should be pretty doughy and thick.

                              In a large bowl, mix the olive oil, sugar, egg and cream cheese. Add the oatmeal mix to this.

                              In another medium bowl, mix the dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking soda, fresh rosemary, parmesan, pepper).

                              Add the dry with the wet and gently fold until everything is incorporated.

                              Dollop about 1 tbsp onto a parchment paper lined baking tray and flatten then to 1/4 inch thick. Try to keep it roundish in shape (or not, however pretty you want to make it). Sprinkle on some more sea salt and crack some fresh black pepper over the cookies.

                              Decorate with rosemary leaves if you like again.
                              Bake 16-18mins.

                              Makes around 25-30 cookies.
                              here's the pics on my blog and the step by step

                              1. re: MDcooksfor2

                                thank you!!! will try them once the heat breaks down here in FL...ugh!...can't turn that oven on with a/c running ... PLUS your blog is *lovely*...♥! I think I'll get some other nice recipes there!

                                1. re: MDcooksfor2

                                  Do you chop the rosemary? Don't know if I would like the whole leaves in the cookie.

                                  1. re: Philly Ray

                                    Yes, I chopped it up finely. the whole leaves are only on the front for decoration.
                                    Thanks Val! I'm glad you like it!

                            2. I have taken the fresh rosemary and pureed it in the Cuisinart with olive oil and fresh garlic and made a pesto that I use over roast pork or chicken. Smells heavenly, especially when I roast carrots and potatoes in the pan. Yum.

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                                One of the best ideas here. It freezes well too.

                              2. Do this paste for pork -- garlicky-lemony-rosemary-spicy goodness from Michael Chiarello -- it keeps in fridge or freezer for ages. The recipe is for slow-cooked butt or shoulder, but I also put it on pork chops and grill them and it's fabulous. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/mi...

                                I no longer roast the garlic ahead of time; it roasts itself. I use less salt -- more like 3T I think. I use fresh rosemary (because I have lots), ground coriander, and ancho chili powder instead of chipotle. It's pretty flexible and really amazingly delicious.

                                Note that the quantities listed make at least 2x what you need; as I said, the extra keeps wonderfully.

                                1. When grilling you can put rosemary directly on the charcoal - the smoke gives a really good flavor. Since you have leaves, I would suggest putting them in foil so they won't fall through the gaps in the coals. Rosemary won't flare up even at high temperatures - all it will do is smoulder - so there's no need to soak the leaves in water or put them in a sealed packet. I think a makeshift flat-bottomed bowl made from foil would work well.

                                  1. I've done some of the ideas above, especially Rosemary Pesto and using it in innumerable dishes, but another idea is strewing- put in muslin tea bags and tuck under carpets, in cupboards, under pillows...Write down where it went so it doesn't get moldy, but rosemary helps repel flies, moths, and mosquitoes, if I remember correctly. Burning some in the kitchen or outdoors in a votive holder also replies flies and mosquitoes from the kitchen or picnic area - it's a relative of citronella.

                                    1. The Babbo cookbook has a great rosemary cake recipe in the dessert section. Should be an easy find with a little google fu.

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