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Aug 2, 2012 01:26 PM

Best Pork Dishes

My SO recently started eating pork again after over a decade and I would like to re-introduce him through the best pork dishes that Toronto offers. As you will see from the list I've begun to compile below, we're not selective in cuisine. I would love others' recommendations. Thanks!

Holy Chuck's brined, roasted and glazed pork belly sandwich (as per TorontoJo's recommendation)
Northern Dumpling House's pork with garlic chili sauce and xiao long bao
John's BBQ's King of Char Sui
Owl of Minerva's gamjatang
pulled pork at ? (suggestions welcome)

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  1. porchetta sandwich at Sausage King at SLM

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      Also in SLM, the bifana sandwich at the churrasco place, ordered with everything. Freshly grilled pork cutlet topped with peppers and piri-piri. I think it has lettuce and tomatoes, too. Super tasty.

      And just for the record, I haven't actually tried the pork belly burger at HC, I've only been seeing them tweet about it and thinking "damn, that looks good". :)

    2. The best pulled pork sandwich I've had in TO is at the Painted Lady on Ossington. Jess takes real pride in her pork and has just the right balance of sweet and heat for my liking. Goes very well with the cold local beer on hand.

      I recently had a pork belly dish at The Grove that was spectacular.

      1. Pulled Pork and/or ribs - Hadley's on College

        Jerk Pork - Mr. Jerk on Wellesley (take-out)

        Chinese BBQ pork - Kom Jug Yuen on Spadina

        Roast Pork - Goldstone Noodle on Spadina

        Pork Souvlaki - Astoria still does an authentic pork souv with awesome tzatziki - Danforth

        Awesome bacon - L'Ouvrier - Dundas W

        Pork Roast Sundays at Marben and great peameal at brunch - Wellington

        Pork Belly Bahn Mi / Bao - Bahn Mi Boys - Dundas W

        1. Add Dragon Dynasty or Peaktop's Roast suckling Piglet!

          1. In addition to all of the above:
            pork belly souvlaki at Folia Grill
            jerk pork at Pat's Homestyle (formerly Albert's)

            And, not a dish, but definitely a treat for any pork lover:
            bacon & butterscotch chip cookie at Miss Cora's Kitchen

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            1. re: num nums

              I'm actually not all that impressed by the pork belly souvlaki at Folia, if it's pork you want go for the Pork Gyro, now that's something (understanding that we're talking about a casual joint here)

              I can't believe nobody's suggested the peameal bacon sandwich at SLM

              See if you can find someone who has real Spanish Jamon di Bellota, I know it was one the menu at one point at Salt Wine Bar and I think Jose has some now at Pimenton. It. will. change. your. life.

              1. re: bytepusher

                I'm not really a fan of the pork belly souvlaki at Folia either. It's not cooked long enough for the fat to be properly rendered, and so the texture is too "chewy" for me. I've always preferred the pork gyro as well.

                1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                  Both times I've had it, it was beautiful. Pushed to the point of charred on the outside and lucious and tender inside. Seems it's either hit and miss or a polarizing dish. No middle ground.


                  1. re: Davwud

                    When the old owners were there, I would ask them to cook it a little longer, and it was better. But there were always occasions where the fat wasn't trimmed enough, and my husband and I would get globs of it (even when cooked a little longer). So now I just go for the gyro, which I love.

                    1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                      That gyro is some kinda good I'll agree with that.