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Tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

have you guys had tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco in East Boston? it's totally awesome. ive been looking for good tacos in boston forever and finally found the one. the meat is ridiculously tender! def worth to check it out if you love tacos.


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  1. Their tacos w/birria are terrific.

    1. Only 33 search results for "Jalisco" in the last year.

      1. Great photos. But yes, my favorite non-fish tacos in Boston.

        1. was there a couple of weeks ago having arrived early at the airport. It is only a 15 min walk or so from the bluye line stop and a much better alternative than airport food. Had the adobado, lingua and cebeza and all were great ($8.50). love this place.

          1. It is a Boston Chowhound favorite. Try Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham, excellent as well.

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            1. My favorite in the area. Weekend special soups/stews are phenomenal as well. This is how I spent last Sunday:

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                  If you are watching your waistline, I do not recommend building your social circles out of professional kitchens. While no longer working in the restaurant world, I find myself at the bar and across the table from cooks more often than is good for my stomach + liver... Not complaining.

              1. Went today. The tacos are as good as ever. A tattoo artist friend owes me some work in exchange for kitchen equipment I gave her. Seriously thinking about a tattoo of the Jalisco Tostada de camarones. It is awesome. Better then the tacos, better then anything. I really might get a small tostada tattoo with the restaurant name and date

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                  yea i really wanna try Tostada de camarones next time

                2. lala, great that you love this place.My particular filling favs are grilled carne asada and fried pescado and La Verdad (taqueria, not restnt)makes tremendously flavorful versions of them; great sauces. i'm not a fan of their other fillings, but these 2 make me wicked happy.hope you'll try them sometime.

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                    that sounds amazing i ll def try them next time! thanks for the rec