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Aug 2, 2012 12:07 PM

Indy Ethnic Food Question

Hi there Indy Chow Hounds!
I'm heading to Indianapolis (from Cincinnati) for one night and have planned for a nice dinner on Friday night at R Bistro based on some past posts on this site, my real question has to do with lunch on Saturday.

I understand that there is a lot of ethnic food available here and am hoping for some recommendations. I came across this article:
and this website:
and I'm wondering if you all have any recommendations especially for Vietnamese, Korean or Peruvian restaurants. I'm not overly concerned about price, but I really would like something authentic, fresh and different.

Any insights would be awesome - Thanks!

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  1. Not sure what you mean by "different". Do you mean fusion-type? Or not-like-traditional-dishes? Or?

    Anyway, some comments:
    (I tend to look for as-close-to-traditional as I can get [or understand to seem to be getting] when I eat "ethnic" food, assuming what you mean by "ethnic"** is non-Anglo Saxon Caucasian-type food, or at least non-Western European food)

    For Vietnamese I tend to go to Saigon (4760 W 38th St, Indianapolis 46254), sometimes King Wok (4150 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis 46254). The pho at Sandra Rice & Noodles I find lacking. Viet Bistro does not excite me. For other places check the IndyEthnicFood website.

    I don’t eat much Korean food. When I do I tend to go to MaMa’s (8867 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis 46226). Bando is OK too. (8015 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis 46226). Café Korea (7262 Fishers Crossing Drive, Fishers 46038) has fresh in-house silken tofu (*quite* nice) made daily, the last I knew. Other places – look at the IndyEthnicFood website.

    There are two Peruvian places in Indy neither of which I have eaten at. They do get good reviews, take your pick. Macchu Picchu (5356 W 38th St, Indianapolis 46254); and Mama Irma (1058 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis 46203).

    ** Some people consider all cuisines to be "ethnic" by definition - so "English" food is also an "ethnic" food, as is "German" or "Italian".

    See also:

    1. Where did you end up going to?