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Aug 2, 2012 11:56 AM

High End in the North End (or close to the Garden)

Looking for recommendations for three classy ladies attending an event at the Garden on Saturday night. I guess North End is a good option, but we aren't restricted to that neighborhood. Criteria are quiet (able to have a conversation without yelling/straining to hear), wonderful food, no budget, close to the Garden, valet parking.

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  1. Are you looking to park twice? What is your walking radius? Scampo at the Liberty has valet and you can leave your car with them and taxi to the garden and pick up the car after. Otherwise, you can valet at one of the parking garages at the edge of the North End. Places that fit the bill of quiet with wonderful food are Marco, Terramia and Vinoteca di Monica. Prezza would fit but they are temporarily closed.

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      i like scampo but it will be LOUD on a saturday night.

    2. Mama Maria would be my choice now that Prezza is temporarily closed. Lovely, quiet, and a beautiful spot near the Garden.