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Aug 2, 2012 10:50 AM

Can I freeze marinated meat?

Just marinated a couple pounds of cubed pork shoulder for spiedies and our guests cancelled - no way Mr Tacos and I will be able to get through it all - can I divide it in to smaller portions and freeze it? Should I drain off the excess marinade, or leave the pork in the liquid? (It's an oil/vinegar/herb marinade.)

Or does anyone want to come over for dinner tomorrow?

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  1. you can freeze it in the marinade if you like, no worries.

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      Thanks - appreciate the quick response!

    2. You can always freeze the cooked pork as well.

      1. I love putting marinade on meat then freezing, so it marinates as it defrosts. Time saver!

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          Does this work for all/most marinades? Buttermilk?

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            GENIUS!!!!!!! I love that idea!!! I am going to freeze the pork butt I just started marinating a couple of hours ago. I was going to roast it and freeze it cooked, feeling bad that I didn't let in marinate longer. YOU ARE A TRUE CULINARY GENIUS!!! Thank you for the idea.

          2. You can freeze it, but be aware that the enzyme action doesn't stop with freezing, so if the marinade contains an acid you risk mushy meat.

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              Whew!!! Glad someone recognized that and commented thereto. I was getting worried.
              TacosandBeer (I love that combination) it may help to know (if not you, then others) that there are very few food items that cannot be frozen; raw or cooked. Depending on what's frozen, the quality may suffer to greater or lessor degree but that's sometimes the price we have to pay for needing to freeze food. The temperature food is held at during its time in the freezer can be a factor (I generally recommend getting the temperature somewhere below 0 degrees F) as well as how the food is wrapped for freezing. Rule of thumb for wrapping is to only high quality wrapping material (surprise - some plastics actually leak air over time) and to get as much air out of the package as possible (vacuum sealing works best).
              "janniecooks" raised a very important fact, whether freezing or not. Foods marinated in a high acid mixture (vinegar, lemon juice, other acidic fruit juices, etc.) shouldn't marinate for very long even when preparing for an immediate meal. Yogurt and wine marinades tend to be more forgiving. Mushy meat is never pleasant to the diner. If you freeze your meat in an acidic mixture it will continue to break down; albeit more slowly. That's not a good thing.
              Also remember that marinating meat longer than necessary tends to reveal more of the marinade flavor than the meat flavor when the dish is served. In terms of time, for that reason, under-marinating is usually preferable to over-marinating.

              1. re: todao

                Ahhh, that's exactly what I was fearing - and why I wondered if, I did freeze it, should I drain off as much of the marinade as possible.

                OK, then - dinner is at my house tomorrow at 7!!