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Aug 2, 2012 09:26 AM

Visiting Calgary w/ 4 Yr old

I am going for a holiday with my family and we are doing the usual Zoo & Callaway Park with our 4 year old. I am looking for some good eats that are local but kid friendly.

We are staying at the Glenmore in the SE but are willing to travel for supper...

Would like to find a good sandwich/lunch place for packing a picnic.

Another relaxing things to see and do - I think our two biggies will be enough excitement.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Here are some ideas for dinner, kid-friendly (I have brought my 2 year old to these places and they have been great):
    - Borgo
    - Il Centro
    - Salt and Pepper (Bowness Location; pretty far from where you'll be)

    Kingsland Farmers Market is good to grab a lunch, or to pack your picnic.

    Prince's Island Park is nice for picnics. It is also the location of the River Cafe, which is generally kid-friendly, especially for brunch.

    1. You could visit Jelly Modern Donuts and Crave Cupcakes for desserts. I'm sure kids would enjoy these. Both stores have mini and full-sized treats.

      Good place for a picnic: Boxwood Cafe in Central Memorial Park.

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        Note that both Jelly Modern and Crave aren't open very late (neither open much past 6/7pm). You can go and grab dessert after lunch or go and grab something during the day and save it for later as dessert after dinner. Just don't plan on going there after dinner for dessert.

      2. I highly recommend packing a meal when you go to the Zoo and Calaway Park. I hate the food at both places. The snacky/sugary stuff at Calaway Park is fine, but the burgers/nuggets/pizza are not good.
        I don't head down to the SE part of town very often, but you will not be far from Fish Creek Park, which is excellent. I haven't eaten at the restaurants there, but I have heard that they are quite good.
        Most of the restaurants in town I have been to with my kids have been very accomodating.
        I recommend Blue Star Diner in Bridgeland.
        Maybe Kinjo for sushi (on Macleod trail).
        Notable is excellent, but a long way from where you'll be staying.

        All of those places get busy at peak dining times, so you may have to wait for a table.

        1. Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus isn't too far and lots of fun.It would be easy to combine with the Callaway Park visit as it is just off of Glenmore at Crowchild.

          Nothing is super close to where you are other than Riverbend Sobey's off of Glenmore for picnic food, there is a decent shawarma place in the same mall. On the same property as the Glenmore Inn there used to be a Latin American place but it has changed and I haven't been since it changed. If it's the same people it might be worth a look.

          The food fair at Chinook is good as those things go and has more entertainment value than many mall food fairs if only because of the space it is in.

          I second Fish Creek Park but there are a number of smaller parks along the river. Driving downtown and finding parking will make Central Park and even Prince's Island Park not so relaxing. If you are downtown then go to Prince's Island Park. It's bigger and nicer.

          When you go to the zoo you will be close to a place in Bridgeland called Main Dish that is a deli and has inhouse prepared take-out food. That's on 1 ave around 9 st NE.

          Chinatown is another option with a child. Parking sucks but I find Chinese restaurants are pretty good with kids.

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            I'd second the Pfanntastic Pannekoed Haus, which is great for families. It was also recently featured on Eat St on Food Network (the canadian verison of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives).

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              I believe it was featured on "You Gotta Eat Here!" with John Catucci, not Eat St.

              1. re: sidepockets

                Agreed. Eat Street is street - mainly truck but not always - food in the US (mainly), Canada, and the UK, that I know of.

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                  Oh right, my bad. You Gotta Eat Here is what I meant.

          2. For lunch, you could try Holy Grill for BBQ. You might also want to check out the Calgary Farmers' Market or the Kingsland Farmers' Market.
            Also, there are a number of places on near the IKEA off 11 St SE. I know there is a Fatburger and Five Guys for burger places. I can't remember what else is there.