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Aug 2, 2012 08:49 AM

Indian lunch buffets around Orange, New Haven, CT or even Shelton

My father wants to try Indian food for the first time at age 75 and mentioned something about going to a buffet. What Indian restaurants offer some of the better buffets? Have any of you tried the buffet at Baingan on the River Rd in Shelton yet? How about Star of India in Orange? Thanks!

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  1. Coromandel in orange is ok but my face would be Thali, which has a location in new haven

    1. Sorry but I cannot speak about the buffets. The only one I have been to lately is Cumin in Hamden. Which was pretty good. As to the food in general Star of India is disappointing. Coromandel is very good, beaten only by Thali. Others worth mention are Zaroka on York in new Haven. It was for a while my go to place but has slipped a bit of late. Korma on Howe should be avoided

      1. We use to eat at Star of India a lot up till about a year ago when I moved fom the area. Good food, inexpensive, friendly staff and not very high rated on decor. I usually chose it over Coromandel - I thought it was a better value

        1. On Sundays (maybe saturday too), Thali in new haven does by far the most varied and delicious Indian buffet, including dosas, fish dishes, and some others you're less likely to get to try at a buffet along with the usual suspects any Indian place carries.

          1. We ended up going to Baingan on the River Rd in Shelton. Their buffet was $9.00 all you can eat, they even had goat if you wanted it. My father enjoyed the food very much, as it was a belated father's day present. I really enjoyed the cheese balls in sugar syrup, they tasted like very moist donuts floating in maple syrup and their kheer was ever so creamy....mmmmmmmm! I'll definitely be going back soon!