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Aug 2, 2012 08:37 AM

Substitute for canned green chiles

I need to make a pork enchilada recipe in which it called for canned green chiles I was just at the store yesterday and forgot to pick them up but I have small green chili peppers I think similar to a banana pepper that is very mild I would ass use I could roast these in the oven like at 500 or under other broiler and then let them sweat in a plastic bag and chop these and use them in place of the canned green chiles, how many small peppers to equal a 4oz can

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  1. 4 oz of peppers? I doubt if the quantity of peppers is critical, so you can use your own judgement.

    1. LEsherick, I do the substitution all the time.

      Fresh chiles do not loose a lot of weight/ moisture when quick roasted, so I'd just use 4oz of the fresh chilies you have, roast them under a broiler or over a flame until black and the skin is beginning to release, then pop in a sealed bag for 30 minutes to cool.

      Pull skin off chiles, then de-seed and pull off stem (if still on). Then chop them up and there ya go. I'm always careful of heat level when substituting so as to keep the balance correct, but it sounds like you you have a 1:1 swap there.

      Good luck.

      1. How large are your peppers? If the size of a Jalapeno, I'd use 3. If larger than that, I'd go with 2. But I do love chili peppers of all kinds & heat levels, & always feel the more the merrier, so increasing the amount of either size by 1 would be fine with me as well - lol!

        1. Thanks everyone yes I think I will use 3 chiles, I like spicy foods but the rest of my family do not so much but in this case they are more for flavor than spice and I figured that they are a good substitution but wanted to check first.

          1. Banana peppers are not particularly hot, but roasting will concentrate any heat they might have. I'd roast half dozen at least if you have them and use the rest for sandwiches, eggs, rice, salad garnish, etc.