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Aug 2, 2012 08:14 AM

Marblehead's Five Corners Kitchen Has Re-opened at Last! (8/1/12)

After a fire of almost a year ago, this valued chef-owned Marblehead restnt has FINALLY reopened! Finding North Shore dining spots that can match Boston's- is a daunting challenge, so the return of Five Corners Kitchen is a major cause for celebration, for locals and visitors alike. And 5CK has come back to life with an expanded space, whoopee! What a great way to finish off a beautiful day in Fort Sewall(or to start the day, because they're serving Sunday brunch now as well.)

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  1. I missed 5CK quite a bit. Stopped in on Sunday night. The new space looks great. Menu is slightly expanded, still has their 2 signature dishes (skate and steak frittes). Had some Island Creek oysters, which were perfect, and the torchetti carbonara, which I liked. DC had salmon and deemed it excellent. Service was gracious and very slow, but I chalk that up to the place getting its sea legs back. Great to have this place reopened, it's a gem.

    1. That's good news. We had a res last year for the weekend after they had the fire..obviously cancelled. Looking forward to give it a try on our next trip to Marblehead.

      1. We went for a pre-Ft. Sewall brunch today and, as surprising as it is to say it, it is even more delightful to report that we both had the best traditional brunch we've had in a long time. We quickly remembered that the chef/owner, Barry Edelman, is an Aquitaine alum(the fries, oh the fries!)but certainly on our brunch dishes, Barry seems to have bettered his old alma mater.

        The Eggs Benedict we had were pristine works of art. On one, 2 versions were combined for an egg bedding of spinach, tomato, mushroooms and house- cured Canadian bacon (on an Enflish muffin of course); for the other the bedding was duck confit and gruyere (yep, like that memorable Aquitaine brunch panini). The hollandaise on both was light , lemony and luscious (as light as all that butter can be, that is.)
        The home fries were miles above any i've ever had, the result ( we were told by Nick, the talented Sous) of bacon fat, butter, cumin, smoked paprika, persillade..... And we had those fantastic fries as a sub for one of our home fries. Man oh man, if you are a major potato hound, ya' gotta try these. The beet and watercress salad was generous and perfectly balanced in flavors and composition. Had a really interesting Blueberry Basil Citrus Vodka drink.A bit on the sweet side for me (I added a lot of lime) but very refreshing and enjoyable. And My Love enjoyed his non vodka version of the same. In addition to 4 or 5 trad French desserts, the Cambr School of Culinary Arts- trained pastry chef keeps about 6 gelati flavors on the list; I was particularly impressed by the Anise.

        Particularly given the generous portions and the wonderful execution, we felt prices were reasonable- $9 salad, $12 Eggs Ben., $6 gelati. The room is all white and windows, w/ brown everything else. Clean, open, bright. Our service was friendly and professional. Really couldn't have asked for more. We were lucky to get there near the end of brunch service (10am-3pm sundays)so it wasn't so loud, but with the sold out crowds they seem to get at dinner, i bet it can get pretty cacaphonous in there (no curtains, soft ceiling or rugs).

        So we are really psyched with the new and improved Five Corners Kitchen and look forward to returning often. Hope some of youall will try it soon.

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          interesting...I had friends in town on Sunday Aug. 5th and tried to go to brunch on a Sunday at 11am but they were closed. There was someone setting up inside and he wouldn't even come to the door to explain to us why they were closed. Have to say I was pretty p.o'd particularly since their website states pretty clearly that they should have been open and there was no indication anywhere that they would be closed...even at the restaurant. We were pretty disappointed but ended up at The Pig's Eye in Salem and had a great time.

          1. re: AngerHeSmiles

            we had reservations for that first brunch. they called to say they had to not be open for it (i'm guessing a chef illness or whatever), but they certainly should have put a note on the door, and the guy--no excuse for that. But boy are you in for a treat when you do go!and i hope you will.

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              we went again today , for brunch, after the Gloucester Schooner Parade. We repeated our stellar entrees from last time AND i finally got to order ...and deVOUR the kouign amann ! wow, that breton pastry is really something. Pretty much impossible to eat one that size and an eggs benedict, so i finished off the leftover tonight. Major major decadent (like Eggs Bennie don't have enough butter already, right?)

              I would describe it as a very dense and richer almond croissant that is round and served warm, and lusciously crunchy on the outside. I hope it's available when you go there!

        2. Thought people might like to know that 5Corners is doing wedding receptions in house too! They had one recently here; since they're not open for lunch, they did it on a Sat. aftnoon. Lucky weddingites got to have that kouign amann too.Ooowee!