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Aug 2, 2012 07:54 AM

Where to buy beef ribs

I love making ribs but always end up doing pork because they are easy to find in every grocercy store. The same can not be said for beef ribs though. Short ribs yes, and I like those, but I'd really like to try cooking long meaty beef ribs.
Where in Montreal is a good place to buy them and what price should I expect? Also what's a normal quantity by weight per person to serve. Thanks.

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  1. I have on occasion seen the ribs cut off rib roasts being sold as standalone beef ribs, but these have been fairly short and inconsistent because those bones are really shaved down to maximize yield for the boneless roast.

    On the rare times I've made beef ribs, I have had to order. If you have a butcher you`re familiar with, (s)he will be able to stock them for you. Be prepared to pay.

    As for portions, it depends on the people you're serving and how big each rib is (along with how much meat is still clinging to one). I'd say 3.

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      IGA (almost) always has beef rib bones at incredibly reasonable prices. If you don't see them ask, they are most accommodating in providing some.

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        I usually buy my beef ribs (dino bones) at Boucherie du marché (JTM). They're called "Plat de côte" and they're very tasty when smoked.

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        Colfax on the 440 sometimes has them but as was already stated, be prepared to pay through the nose for 'em.

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          Everything is relative. This weekend I was at Colfax (Grande Marche actually) and they were cheaper than pork back ribs. Don't remember the exact price unfortunately.

      3. I thought they'd be pricey but didn't realize they'd be that much of a specialty item. Is that because restaurants catch them all? i guess the cut also infringes on more popular cuts like steaks etc. so would be less 'produced" (cut).

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          They're a specialty item because beef ribs aren't exactly that popular among the general shopping crowd.

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            you can find them at any kosher butcher including the grocery stores at cote st luc shopping center and at cavendish mall

        2. I haven't tried them, but the Metro on Beaumont and Rockland sells Magnan (as in the tavern) beef ribs and rib eye. This Metro also sells products from la petite pousette - including ham, pea soup and tourtiere. The pea soup is the best store bought i've had.

          1. Boucherie Westmount has great tasting Alberta 1855 Beef Ribs.Very competitive prices to others but generally better tasting .He has both Long Ribs and Korean cut short ribs

            1. You can get them at Boucherie La Preference at Marche de l'Ouest (514-683-5555), Halles d'Anjou (514-355-5040) and in Laval (450-664-2109), but I'd call ahead first to see if they have.