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Odd CHOW code

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�M�;�0����+��\|�MyDT�:8m�&@I[I��RX�s��r�.{��]�p�����*S��e� ��g��'��#b�*?��*�����d�� ���B���P\K�5�vG��Y�������T3K���s��� 4]'�$�v�����)N��zS����GE��.Email ...

What is this? Found here: http://www.chow.com/videos/show/the-e...

and a few of the Super Taster reviews too.

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  1. Another of the oddities that came out of the maintenance, I'm afraid. Normally, that would be a blurb about the current video instead of a character-encoding explosion. We know what's causing it and are actively investigating the issue. Thank you for your report.

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        This should now be resolved. Let us know if you see any further oddities.