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Aug 2, 2012 06:38 AM

Need Help Picking Restaurant

My wife and I are in town for her birthday and are seeing a show on Saturday at 8pm. I currently have reservations at Trattoria Trecolori, but just came across some great reviews for Tony Di Napoli. We would like to stay close to our hotel in times square or near the theater district. We aren't set on either of these, so any other suggestions?

We also need to make reservations for a Sunday. The choices are, but not limited to, Gramery Tavern, Gotham Bar, The Modern, WD-50.

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  1. Of those four, I'd go with either WD or The Modern. Depends if you prefer to do a pre-set tasting menu (WD) or have choices for each course (The Modern)

    Gramercy and Gotham are decent, but currently nothing I'd go out of my way for - neither are particularly innovative / interesting anymore. Decent - even excellent - meals to be had at both, for sure, and the service at Gramercy is always among the best. They're just not terribly exciting, culinarily.

    1. FYI, Tony's is family style.

      1. Ive never been to Trattoria Trecolori but I would pick it over Tony di Napoli, since one of the worst meals I ever had was at Tony di Napoli. I'd sooner go to Carmine's.
        As far as Sunday, The Modern is probably the best, then WD, then Gotham then Gramercy IMVHO

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          I went to the Upper East Side location of Tony's di Napoli a couple of years ago and thought the meal I had was significantly better than Carmine's, but nothing great. I haven't been to Trecolori, but if the choice is that or Tony's, I'd definitely stick with Trecolori.