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Aug 2, 2012 06:25 AM

Birthday dinner in Dartmouth - need recs

Hi all- I am well versed in the Halifax dining scene but admittedly not so much in Dartmouth. I am looking for somewhere to celebrate a birthday on a Saturday night though it doesn't have to be fine dining. Quality food with decent atmosphere suited for a celebratory dinner is what we are looking for. We are just as happy in a pub style place as we are in a fine dining establishment so long as the food is good. Speaking of which, no one is picky in the group- seafood, steaks, vegetarian, Greek, Japanese, Italian...we eat it all. Budget is also open. A couple in our group will be coming from the Eastern Shore, so away from downtown and closer to Cole Harbour/107 is desirable but not absolutely necessary.

Any thoughts?

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  1. my instincts were Downtown Dartmouth with Nectar and La Perla

    Ciceros out in Porter Lake is supposed to be good

    people rave about Vines in Cole Harbour but I have only ever found it adequate

    Talay Thai in Halifax is tasty but I have never been to the one by Colby Village

    1. I'll second Nectar though I haven't been there since the ownership changed.

      The food at Talay Thai in Colby Village is consistent with the Halifax location, but the interior of the restaurant is not as nice. The decorations are more sparse.

      I also like Celtic Corner if you're looking for good pub food. For sushi, there's Hamachi Grill on Portland St. and Sushi Nami in Dartmouth Crossing.