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Aug 2, 2012 03:51 AM

The Square or the Ledbury? [London]

Looking for a modern, fine dining experience before leaving London. I haven't bee to either of these chowhound favorites, but they seem to be the board's consensus pick for that sort of thing.

If I'm choosing one, which do I go for? Or is there somewhere else in the same general category I should be looking at instead?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've recently asked a similar question (Ledbury or anywhere else?) on another board. The consistent view was to go for the Ledbury. So we'll be trying to get in there for our pre-Christmas trip to the capital.

    There was, of course, the odd mention of some of the other well known places in the capital with Hedone heading the list of "also rans".

    1. Both Phil Howard places (he was the money behind the Ledbury) so related. I always feel at these levels it comes down to eventually trying them all. I had The Ledbury at the top of my list as I like Brett after chatting to himat the Harwood a few times and being a fan of the old Sydney Banc crew. But next time I will try The Square as it always gets honorable mentions from them in the know. I want to go to Hedone but it was very pricey - the rumored bargain lunch would tempt me if I was still in town.

      1. The Ledbury! Just had lunch there yesterday and there aren't enough adjectives to do justice. And best of all, for a former, reformed restauranteur, the service was impeccable. Tried to get dinner reservations starting three months ago but could only get a lunch. We turned it into a epic one though...


        1. another vote for the ledbury - i was there on friday and had a fabulous meal which i shall add details about on the relevant thread.

          i felt very meh about the square when i went, probably a couple of years ago now. i don't know whether to give it another try or not.