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Aug 2, 2012 03:49 AM

Druthers Brew Pub (Saratoga Springs)

Druthers Brew Pub just opened in S. Springs.

Menu looks really good on paper . . .

Anyone been?

So how's the food?

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  1. Has two great reviews on Yelp and one average one (although the average one only mentioned beer and wings, I guess they didn't eat a full meal there). I'm hoping to try this place tomorrow after a day at the track.

    1. FDR, we were there Sunday. Mine is one of the "great reviews" on Yelp referenced by Solstice444. I suppose it's possible that the Brown ale we had Sunday could have been a different batch than the Brown ale served the day before, we did not have the same experience with it as the "average" reviewer on Yelp.

      Staff did explain that they didn't even have a beer menu for us to look at because everything was in a constant state of change at this point. I'm sure that once they settle in they will have more of their own brews, if not only their own brews.

      My biggest negative was the noise level in the dining area. The post and beam construction needs something to help absorb the sound of a full dining room. There are numerous items on the menu that we will be retuning for.

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        Probably just their own brews. Their brewer is George DePiro formerly of the Pump Station in Albany. An excellent, veteran brewer who I'm glad finally ventured out on his own.

        Give the beers he'll need to adjust to the smaller brewing system, water differences, etc..

        1. re: LorenV

          All excellent points, Loren V. Stopped back this past Saturday just for a couple of brews and had a really nice smoked ale. I don't recall what my wife had, but she was very pleased with hers also and we only drank what George had brewed. I've always enjoyed his efforts at the Pump Station and look forward to continuing our visits to Druthers after track season has passed.

      2. Havent been there myself, but one of my buddies has tried it a couple of times. Beer selection is OK, but his take on the food is it's not much better than one would get in some of our sports bars, such as the two Stadiums. But more expensive.

        1. Went there for dinner last night. It was a good experience overall. The outside patio area is beer garden-esque, and a very nice space. I liked the interior as well. We went around 5 pm, so it wasn't too crowded.

          I had the brown ale and enjoyed it. I was a bit disappointed they didn't have some lighter beers, since it's summer. They only have a pilsner on the lighter side, and their other beers were the brown ale, a porter, and a Belgian strong ale (11%!). They'll be coming out with more soon. A hefeweizen or saison would be a nice addition.

          I would've liked their menu to be a bit bigger, but maybe that will come in time also. There were definitely enough interesting things for me to want to go back a couple more times and try other things. Had the cold summer dip which I enjoyed, but there wasn't enough crostini accompanying it. The meat in the Something Spicy burger was really delicious, and it came out cooked medium, just as I requested. The toppings on the burger didn't really do anything for me, and it wasn't spicy, so that could be better executed. But the meat was wonderful. I also tried the Mahi Mahi tacos, and while the flavors were delicious, the tacos fell apart because of soggy tortillas, and the fish was overcooked. The service was good and we got our food quickly.

          The complaints I had were minor, and I thought they did a great job for only being open a week. Definitely worth checking out!

          1. Finally got there myself.

            Really like the decor, branding, music on the patio, etc. Our server was excellent.

            Ditto Roger K re: noise. It was so loud I couldn't hear my server or the list of beers. They need a beer menu, even if they change it daily.

            Our table ordered several apps - habanero wings and mussels. Both apps were good. I had the fish tacos. Three large fish tacos served in a skillet. I prefer Jacob & Anthony's take on fish tacos (and noise level is not an issue there). A few people had burgers, a few of us had fish tacos and someone had the cubana sandwich. I didn't try the mac and cheese. SO said it was okay. No one wanted to take the mac and cheese home. Every dish was under-salted.

            Maybe my expectations were too high after reading the menu online. Looking for more of a Zip City vibe. Not in a hurry to return. Can get similar food where I can hear.