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Aug 1, 2012 09:19 PM

Need a potluck dish for a vegetarian wedding

My nephew's big day is coming up in the fall in Northern CA and he and his fiance are vegetarian. I am looking for a main dish that can be made in a big batch and then served at room temperature. It has to also be nut and sesame free. They have dessert covered. I have a few pumpkins and kabocha growing in the garden and they will be ready then. Any ideas??

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  1. if they are ovo-lacto vegetarians,'
    make the ricotta al forno from evan kleiman's book.
    cover it with sauteed mushroms that have had all their water COOKED OUT so that the mushrooms are dry.
    this dish, in addition to being very simple and fool-proof to make, travels well.

    also, no matter what i'm asked to bring to any potluck party, i always bring a big bowl of fruit salad in addition. it always goes quickly. although, unlike the ricotta al forno, it is much more work to prepare, the visual of a fruit salad always impresses.

    a dish of roasted plrepared brown quinoa topped with toasted sliced almonds and sprinkled with pomogranite seeds, some currents, sliced blanched green beens, and some salad dressing is easy to handle at a buffet.

    also very easy is to bring a plate of pitted dates that have had softened blue cheese piped in with a pastry bag.. sprinkle with roasted chopped marcona almonds.

    the persian dish addas polo, made with lentils and rice, and currents is a good protein-complete meal. imho, it is a more substantial dish if made with brown rice

    you can make stuffed grape leaves, but instead of using oily rice as a filling, use a spicy paste of red lentils. higher in protein, and easier to eat.

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      Here are some ideas:

      Roasted kabocha soup

      Vietnamese green papaya salad (you can use cabbage and green mangoes or Granny Smith apples as a replacement)

      Tomato or mushroom tarts

      Vegetarian sushi rolls

      Tofu spring rolls

    2. Butternut squash lasagna always is a hit. There is a good recipe on epicurious.

      1. Check out Kambocha Pasta.. on google. There are alot of recipes and you can use the Kambocha's to decorate tables too for fall weddings.. I just love pumpkin pasta and I checked there are lots of recipes.

        Here is a dessert link.. too if your feeling fancy but don't forget to sub out any animals fats for vegan butter.. :)

        1. Doesn't use the squash, but spanakopita looks so pretty and is good at any temperature. Anything phyllo-wrapped looks nice, really. Strudels work too. Only if you're comfortable with phyllo, of course -- it's really easy once you get the hang of it, but getting the hang of it takes a few failures.

          1. Thank you everyone for the great ideas. I will start testing and experimenting to see what I can do best!