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Aug 1, 2012 08:26 PM

5 burner, 30 inch cooktop

A friend is replacing an electric cooktop with gas. He wants a 5 burner, 30 inch cooktop. He wants a sealed unit. He wants it to be sturdy and smooth top( ability to put a grill on a couple of burner). Family comes often to visit and cooks while there. They have ruined and burned out the electric cooktop. So he needs something that will stand up to abuse of careless relatives.

Please help us help him with the decision of the best replacement unit. Thanks.

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  1. Based upon your description of the family and carelessness, I would suggest one of two options:
    1. Purchase the least expensive gas range with 5 burners that can be found in a big box store or

    2. Get a nice range and take the family out to dinner and spare the range.