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Aug 1, 2012 07:59 PM

Foie in Las Vegas

We are Californians who get to Las Vegas once or twice a year. Before the foie gras ban went into effect, we had four amazing foie dinners, at Village Pub in Woodside, Pacific's Edge in Carmel, Martin's Gastropub in Redwood City and a private Dishcrawl event. We keep hoping that some restaurant in Las Vegas will offer a menu with four to seven foie dishes.

I would be willing to go to a high end restaurant with two or three preparations. But I am also looking for more casual places in the area if they only offer one. Barrymore and Bachi Burger seem like possibilities. Can anyone suggest other places that won't cost hundreds of dollars? My favorite place for foie in California was Bistro Elan (now Birch Street) in Palo Alto, if that gives anyone a better idea of what we have in mind.

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  1. My foie gras google alert just told me that there is foie gras at Marche Bacchus. Surely there must be other places "off strip" that serve it?

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      You can get it at Andres and Alize

    2. Many of the steak houses have foie on their menus as both an app and as an add on, including the Barrymore. FWIW, I enjoyed the Barrymore and found one of the appealing aspects of the restaurant was where it was housed. But while the food was good I can honestly say that I do not see it as a place I would go back to. Just my $.02.

      Another foie dish you may want to consider is the foie creme brulee at Sage. It is one of the more unusual preparations I have had.

      And finally, one of my all time favorite pieces of foie is the foie "steak" at Picasso. Not huge at all but still a very generous piece, it has always delighted me over the years.

      1. Le Cirque usually has a couple of different preparations. Off strip Raku has 3 or 4 I believe. The soy glazed grilled & egg custard foie are amazing.

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          Thanks. I went back and looked at the menu for Raku more closely. They have four preparations at the moment. The rest of the menu looks interesting also. Have it on my must do list.

        2. Thank you all so much for these recommendations! I'm missing foie here in CA. I know there are ways to get it, but I'll gladly use this as an excuse to go to Vegas. :D

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            The last time I checked Comme Ca at the Cosmopolitan had a foie gras terrine on their dinner menu (but not on the lunch menu).

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              Thank you Snoozun :) I found your Eater article before I stumbled upon this Chowhound thread, those dishes look great! I would love to check those places out when I'm okay with splurging on a fantastic meal, however, I was also looking for a more casual restaurant that served foie - for not as much.

              But I'm thinking... I may just have to indulge. :D