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Aug 1, 2012 07:35 PM

Ti Amo Gelateria, East Village

Just went here. My impression is overall positive.

The pistachio flavor was a standout. Delicious, very nutty, and not too sweet. The raspberry sorbetto was also very good, and had a strong, clean raspberry flavor. It could've been a tad less sweet. The dark chocolate sorbetto had an excellent flavor, again maybe a bit too sweet. But overall these three flavors were excellent to very good.

I liked less well the fior di latte and the stracciatella -- too sweet for me.

I look forward to returning to try more of the fruit flavors. They had mango, lemon, frutti di bosco, and strawberry.

Around $4 for a small (unfortunately one flavor only), $5 and change for a medium, $6 or 7 for a large.

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    1. re: jester99

      On 2nd ave., near 4th st.
      Not far from Houston or St. Marks, depending on which direction you're coming.

    2. I just posted about this place yesterday in the Cremeria thread. I really like Ti Amo. Agree that the dark chocolate was good and I also enjoy the custard and strawberry cheesecake.

      It's a shame you can only get one flavor in a small and I agree the prices are a little steep but I will pay through the nose for good gelato :)

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      1. re: ManhattanLawyer

        Glad you also enjoyed it. How did you find the custard and cheesecake flavors in terms of degree of sweetness?

        Maybe if all customers going in tell them we'd really like it if they'd allow two flavors in a small cup they'll relent! For me a small cup is all I want to eat in one sitting, but I'd really like two flavors. Seems they'd make folks happier and have more return customers if they'd just stuff two flavors in there!