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Aug 1, 2012 06:33 PM

Looking for a lunch place

I'm coming to Montreal from Vermont on Saturday with 5 friends for a show at Place Des Arts. Can you recommend a good place for lunch that isn't too pricey and not too far from Place Des Arts? We're going to the matinee of "Wicked" arriving in town about 11:30. We have to be at Place
Arts at 1:30 so we'll have an hour or so by the time we park.

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  1. I'd say Chinatown - try Beijing on de la Gauchetiere. Give yourself 20 min. to walk there and back.

    1. there's baton rouge right across the street from PDA. it is an upscalish Canadian chain - it's a reliable lunch spot in that there are some good menu items and they'll have you out on time for sure. I just came back from wicked and it was wicked good.

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        The only thing I will give you about Baton Rouge is that it will be quick. Other than that, they serve the same old microwaved/prefab Sysco crap that all the chains served. Some people don't mind but either suggestion here is miles ahead of Baton Rouge. I second Beijing, tell them your time limit and they will get you out in time. Park near there on René Levesque and it is a 10 minute walk from Chinatown to PDA

        1. re: jfprieur

          baton rouge is alright but it's definitely not microwaved/reheated and it is definitely a notch above the kelsey's/montana type chains and maybe a notch below the keg. their food is all made to order.

          i suggested it as an alternative to chinatown because my stomach does not agree with junky chinese so early in the day.

      2. Brasserie T is located right next to Place des Arts, and opens at 11:30. You can just park at PDA, and walk next door to eat (but make sure to reserve). Their menu isn't too pricey, depending on what you plan to order (then again, it depends what you consider too pricey...).

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          If i was coming from outoftown i would not want to lose time by going to chinatown and waiting for them to prepare food at beijung, and its typical chinatown resto decor, unless that is what you want when you come to Montreal. There is also f bar which is somewhat more expensive than brasserie t but also has a nice terrace, the fish I had there was good but portions are small. You can check out menus online

          1. re: mangoannie

            on my two visits i suffered from very bland food

            but make no mistake, T and F are both well equipped to serve you fine meals on time for a show. The settings are also very unique and will enhance your experience.

        2. Look up Le Grand Comptoir in Montreal. The website will give you an idea of the food and it opens at 1130 am on Saturday. Priced between 13 -25 dollars per person. Nice french food. About 4 blocks from Place des Arts.