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Aug 1, 2012 05:13 PM

looking for sorrel, lovage, chervil....and great fruit basket

1.....I found sorrel at one farmers market but can't remember where and the Hmong farmers at Central and Davis are saying they aren't growing sorrel this year...maybe it was union? Also, Herb Lyceum doesn't have lovage or chervil...any idea where I can get plants?

2....would love to get a great fruit basket for a family that just lost a loved one. Can't get to Russo's myself to buy of the teens loves dragonfruit and I've never seen that at Russo's anyway. They live in Malden...where would they have gotten it? Maybe at the store that advertises in the it Roses?


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  1. There is a Southeast Asian market in Malden on Main just South of Rt 60 which has much nicer fruit than you would expect by appearances and more unusual fruit than the Super 88/Hong Kong. Rosebud Farms on Commercial is a good Italian-oriented produce vendor, although not certain I would choose them for a fruit basket because of issues getting good service from their English-speaking staff (incidentally the central americans are awesome). I find they are better overall for vegetables and despite the Malden demographic, have minimal items to cater to Asians and Central Americans. Roberto's in Medford might be better with specialty goods and fruits and could be an option for a fruit basket, but its also Italian-oriented. However, it is managed by an Indian staff and they also stocked Farmer's Bounty in Davis in the past, plus have a wholesale business, so might be able to help you. (They keep their herbs in the walk-in and have a nice selection of cut herbs, but wouldn't expect any of the 3 you mentioned.)

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      thank you so much! particularly the bereaved 18 year old starting college next month will appreciate a great fruit basket.....she loves dragon fruit and I really want some exotic items for her in particular. she speaks spanish as do I.....always appreciate your posts, Itanuas!

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        i have gotten dragon fruit at Russo's - I haven't looked for it at Super 88 or Ming's but I would guess they carry it. I haven't found a source for sorrel which I also used to get from the Hmong farmers at the Brookline FM - I was wondering if it was something the portuguese markets in cambridge might carry as sorrel soup is a portuguese staple. good luck and do let us know if you find the greens.

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          I have seen dragonfruit at Russo's and H-Mart, although not sure if there is a "season" for it. A month or so ago, Russo's was carrying monstera, which is fun and different.
          Arax has been carrying loquats for the past month or so.

    2. I bought lovage and chervil plants at Mahoneys in the spring, don't know if they'd have them now. (the chervil died in my garden, lovage is not doing well either or I'd just dig some up for you).

      1. For the herb plants you might try phoning Wilson Farm in Lexington...
        They usually have an enormous variety of herb plants for sale.

        Sorry I can't help with the dragonfruit, though. I immediately thought of J. Pace & Son off Rte. 1 South for the basket but then that dragonfruit is probably not in their realm...

        1. Russo's last night had fresh monstera, rambutan, lychee (I think?), starfruit, tamarind, mangosteen, 7 or 8 kinds of plums, plenty of other fruits I am sure I didn't notice.

          It also had lovage as produce, not plants, grown by a student group, whom you might be able to contact to get plants?

          1. m, i have extra lovage plant if you'd like.