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Aug 1, 2012 05:09 PM

Recs for Saugatuck/Douglas (two full days) and Interlochen (one full day)?

We are vegetarian, BTW.

In Douglas, we've tried Everyday People Cafe and really liked it of course, but it's so expensive and we'd like to try something different this time anyway.

We are open to all cuisines and styles of food as long as we can get vegetarian eats. Thanks!


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  1. I've been waiting to see what suggestions come as well, since I'll be in Interlochen in a couple of weeks myself :-)

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      I think I'm stumped by the vegetarian request. There's really not a lot in Interlochen itself, and salads are probably going to be your only vegetarian options wherever you go there. Check out these menus:

      I like Bud's a lot, but it's really a sandwich and coffee place, sort of an up north version of Panera.

      For more options, you may have to trek to Traverse City, which is 20 - 25 min away. The only restaurant I can think of that makes any effort with vegetarian options is Poppycock's, but it's been a couple years since I've been. I'd also suggest Stella (Italian), which gets generally rave reviews. For a casual place, I like Green House cafe, but they only do breakfast and lunch.

      Poppycock's and Green House are in downtown TC on Front St, while Stella is in the Grand Traverse Commons, a complex that used to be a state mental hospital.

      You can also check out any of the numerous Traverse City CH threads for more ideas.

      1. re: gooddog

        Thank you for your help! I will check out these recommendations online and figure out what to do based on what I can find. I haven't been tehre for almost 20 years, but it doesn't surprise me that veg might be hard. If it helps, we're egg and cheese friendly, so I bet we will be able to make something work. (I consider myself quite flexible!) Thank you!

    2. Apparently there's no food in either location. Oh well!

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      1. re: IndyGirl

        If you go to the Pure Michigan web site, click on cities/region, click on Saugatuck, click on "more information about Saugatuck", click on things to do and go to casual dining, you will find many places to dine. I have never been to Saugatuck so I can't vouch for any of these restaurants but it is a place to start. Hope this helps.

        1. re: The Kernal

          Yes, I've done that, and read lots of recommendations, but I was hoping for personal endorsements. I also don't trust Yelp or Urbanspoon, since sites like those are susceptible to shillers or trolls who just want to promote their own restaurant or trash their competitors' places. That's why I always turn to CH! Anyway, thanks for your help. It's much appreciated.

        2. re: IndyGirl

          Whenever I'm in the area, I eat at Everyday People Cafe. It's not at all expensive, with vegetarian entrees in the mid teens. So I find your post rather confusing.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            Well, I guess my memory must be incorrect. I don't recall many veg entrees, and recall rather expensive pricing. Maybe I'm just wrong... I'll look up their menu online when I finish this post! Sorry to be confusing.

            Anyway, aside from the fact that we were looking for interesting chow, we obviously can't eat at EPC for two whole days, so would love other recs! We tried the Wild Dog Cafe, but it was pretty standard fare (not bad, just not that interesting). I guess I was hoping for some locals to pop in with hole-in-the-wall recs, since that kind of thing is why I am an avid Chowhounder!


            1. re: IndyGirl

              Other than EPC, I haven't found too many good veggie-friendly options in Saugatuck or Douglas. You might want to try Salt of the Earth ( in Fennville, which is about 15 min. or so away. There aren't tons of vegetarian options, but I've been pleased with all those that I've tried. It's definitely not what I'd consider cheap, but most of the cheap vegetarian food I've found in that area consists of a grilled cheese or cheese quesadilla....

              Agree that Poppycock's is generally a good option as well, as we normally end up there for at least one meal when we're in the Traverse City area. I also really liked The Cook's House ( Their menu generally doesn't look very vegetarian friendly; however, I found them to be very accommodating in making some delicious vegetarian food, which ended up being one of the better meals we had in Traverse City.

              1. re: kellylynn

                I should definitely have added TC to my list of cities, since we planned to eat there anyway. I know others in my real life who've recommended Poppycock, as well! Definitely on my list!

                I just looked up Salt of the Earth and it looks great. I am really grateful for these--this is why I posted! I'd never know to look in Fennville.

                1. re: IndyGirl

                  You wouldn't need to look in Fennville for much else than Salt of the Earth. It's a small town---but only about 12-15 minutes or so from Saugatuck/Douglas so totally worth going for dinner.

                  Also leave room for dessert!!!

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    Hey! Don't forget about the Fenn Valley winery! They have some very nice wines, and they're affordably priced too.

                    1. re: nsxtasy

                      Oh, cool! I missed this before. We may do this. Will keep you posted!

        3. Since you're interested in unusual food, you might want to consider traveling to Grand Rapids to dine at Grove, either making a round trip from Saugatuck/Douglas (about 40 miles / 40 minutes drive each way) or doing it on your way between Saugatuck and Interlochen. Grove specializes in small plates and has numerous vegetarian options on the menu. It's absolutely WONDERFUL.

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          1. re: nsxtasy

            Thanks for this rec! I'm not sure whether we'll land in GR or not, but this is going on my list regardless.

          2. Make sure not to miss Salt of The Earth! This is literally one of my favorite restaurants anywhere in America. They have hands down the best burger I've ever had (mostly because everything is made in house--from the ketchup, to the ground meat, to the bun it's served on). It's a really special place for lunch or dinner and the menu is ever changing. You can definitely get some vegetarian dishes here as well. If the perogie appetizer is on the menu, get it!

            The Mermaid Inn also serves my favorite smoked whitefish dip. It's nice with a beer, sitting out and watching the boats.

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            1. re: Elyssa

              Salt of the Earth is moved up to position #1 in Saugatuck--we'll have dinner there one night, and dinner at EPC another night. Thank you!

              1. re: IndyGirl

                Just remember, EPC doesn't accept reservations, and they get pretty busy during the season, especially on weekends. You can dine on the early side to avoid lengthy waits for a table.

                1. re: nsxtasy

                  We definitely earned our lesson on this last time. It was only my husband's charm that got us a two-top... we watched them turn others away! Won't happen again though.

                2. re: IndyGirl

                  That sounds about right. That's what my boyfriend and I do when we are there.

              2. Any breakfast recs in Douglas/Saugatuck?