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Aug 1, 2012 05:07 PM

Lunch on a Friday in or near The Distillery District

Hello All,

Despite living near The Distillery District I have not been down there for several years. I recall on my last visit that there were few interesting food options there. I'm not sure what has opened or closed recently, but after searching the boards, it doesn't sound like much has changed.

I will be down there Friday next week with two others and will need somewhere to go for a casual sit-down lunch, with some beers. A pub atmosphere is ideal, but not a necessity. It can be either there, or within a reasonable walk, which for our purposes will be as far west as Jarvis, as far east as The Don and as far north as Queen. Beyond that there is no way to get there, eat, and be back in the available time. I am thinking somewhere on King East may be the best bet, but I am not familiar with what is there and open for lunch/brunch. We are aiming to eat by 12:00 at the latest.

Can anyone make a suggestion, or update me on how the restaurants in The Distillery are now? I know Mill Street is there, but I am hoping there is something a little better I don't know about.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gilead Bistro may work - check when they are open.

      1. - Mangi & Bevi is on Ontario north of King East, for good thin crust Italian pizza and beers.

        - Pacific Junction Hotel is a funky new bar on the north side of King just east of Sherbourne, by the owners of Betty's but with better (and more expensive tapas-portioned) food and drinks with a island/Caribbean theme. Really enjoyed some good fish tacos there last week with a couple "ass ales" apparently brewed by Amsterdam brewery, or something.

        - Petite Dejeuner on the south side of King east of Jarvis has good sandwiches, great frites and a decent selection of Belgian beers, or at least they did as of a few months ago when I last visited.

        1. Definitely avoid Mill Street. The food there is horrible corporate "pub" food. In the Distillery itself I would recommend Pure Oyster Bar (which has a menu with a lot of choices beyond oysters and seafood) or the Boiler House. Both have patios.

          1. I believe GIlead Bistro is closed until further notice.....certainly it is closed for dinners. Check. What about STARFISH (definitely open and first-rate) on Adelaide near Jarvis? I agree that of the choices IN the District, Pure Spirits is best, and when debating between two choices, stick to the things the kitchen does the least with.

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              Gilead only stopped dinner service, they are still open for breakfast and lunch. They would be my rec as well.