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Aug 1, 2012 04:41 PM

What to do with a raw deboned turkey carcass?

Earlier today I was making turkey sausage with turkey breast and thigh meat and have the raw bones with a bit of meat still on them leftover. It just bugs me to throw them away. Is there anything I can do with it besides make a stock?

Or if only good for stock, perhaps could you suggest some inspiration for what to do with it? I'm just not feeling the whole turkey and kale soup or gumbo at the moment.

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  1. I just had some really good and spicy mulligatawny soup at an indian place this week. You could use turkey stock for that. But if you're not in the soup mood, just freeze the bones and pull them back out in the fall when the weather is more souplike.

    1. Well stock is all I can think of and you can freeze it for later use in soups. Turkey stock is really delicious, in gravies and as well soups. Freeze it in ice cube trays, transfer to ziplock and add to gravies, or as a flavour enhancer in stew, use in rices, cooking pasta, potatoes.

      1. OK, you don't want soup. That's understandable; it's summer. I'd break it up and prepare a stock then take the remaining meat from the strained bones and use it for chicken (in this case turkey) Enchilada Suiza. There's usually plenty of meat on the carcass to provide at least one meal of that variety.

        1. If you have room in your freezer, chop it up, freeze it, and make stock with it some other time, perhaps with some chicken left-overs.

          1. The stock will take up a lot less room in your freezer than the carcass will, especially if you reduce it to a glaze or demi-glace.

            You can reconstitute it for soup and gravy at Thanksgiving and you won't be pressed for time.

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              True. Plus I'm afraid the meat will get freezer burn from sitting in the freezer so long. Broth I can make and seal up in bags to remove more air out than the bulky bones.

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                make stock, but seriously reduce it down -- to a very jiggly gelatinous stage. then it will take up very little freezer space and be available once the weather cools.