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Aug 1, 2012 04:10 PM

Need suggestions for catering an office lunch in Rockaway, NJ

I am putting together a lunch for my department (about 25-30 people) next week. They usually do Panera or some pasta and salad but I'd really like to do something new. We do have a couple of vegetarians and I don't have an unlmited budget but I was wondering if anything had some suggestions? It would be great if we could get it delivered. We usually just have the food set up on a large table near our conference room and do it buffet style so it's nothing fancy.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. Try Mara's in Denville, it is our favorite. We do client meetings luncheon or breakfast once a week. They deliver and have never dissapointed.

    1. Maybe a little pricer, but their food is AMAZING - Sergio & Co in Denville. Catering menu is here:

      1. Both places already mentioned are great, you won't be disappointed, and a third favorite of mine is 53 Grill on Rt. 53 in Denville. His sandwich platters are great, his sloppy joes- delicious, and his Empanadas the best. I don't know if he delivers though.

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          Wait - there are empanadas in Denville, and this is the first I'm hearing of it? I need to get myself there! Any suggestions? (sorry to go OT)

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            He only has two types of Empanadas...beef or chicken. We definitely favor the beef ones.

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            Is the 53 Grill that small white building on the southbound side of 53? south of the A&P but north of the Rattlesnake? It's always looked interesting, but i've never been in there. Based on your comment, if this is the same place you're talking about, I'm thinking LUNCH this week!

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              That's the place. The owner, Tom, has worked hard to make it a great neighborhood place. My son swears by the steak sandwiches But I've never had one. His bacon is the best...always crisp on any sandwich

          3. What about the Turkish place in Denville - Bosporus II? I bet they could do trays of mezes that would be fun and different.

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              I think it's closed - I drove past there a few weeks ago, and there was another resto's sign up. and that's a shame - i enjoyed the food there

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                  I think it was replaced by Ephesus (similar menu). I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I can't remember if it was Bosphorus or Ephesus last time we ate there. But it was good. ;-)


            2. Chris' Custom Catering! I've used him on a couple of occasions for some intimate gatherings and a party of 30 and the food is wonderful.

              His Email is

              He will tailor the menu to your liking.

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                Paradiso on Route 46 in Rockaway. The chef-owner Matteo, does a GREAT job. His salads are wonderful, and his veggie sandwich, made with homemade bread, fresh mozzarella made in house, eggplant, arugula, and home-roasted peppers, is fantastic. Pastas are wonderful, and his pizza is sublime.