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Palm Beach - Need Bar & Restaurant Recommendations

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Spending a weekend with my wife in Palm Beach in September. Can anyone recommend some fun and unique restaurants and bars possibly off the beaten path? Thanks!

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  1. For a real contrast in worlds, check this place out not terribly far in Boynton Beach: http://cuthillsbackyard.com/

    1. You should definitely consider Buccan - very cool place, great bar scene (small) and very innovative cuisine.


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        I second Buccan. Chez Jean Pierre probably has the best food on the island, but not really a happening bar scene. Cafe Europe has great food and is a beautiful restaurant.

      2. For a great bar try Guanabanas in Jupiter. www.guanabanas.com

        1. Definitely check out Buccan. I also like Pistache for brunch and Cafe Boulud. Another great brunch/lunch spot is Howley's. Relish makes a pretty good burger. Hit Cucina late night for drinks, it's a lively scene.