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Aug 1, 2012 02:47 PM

PSA: Cotto Enoteca

New pizza/Italian joint in Burnaby, on Hastings just east of Holdom.

Stopped by for lunch today - top notch pizza, crust had a nice char - crispy on the edges with a good chew - but not at all soggy. Wood-fired oven, definitely came through in the flavour (as well as being quite the visual). Calamari appetizer was delicious as well.

Prices were very reasonable considering the quality, we'll definitely be returning. Highly recommended.

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  1. Thanks for TOFTT, jerkstore. Was planning on venturing out to darkest Burnaby to try CE soon but will move it up the list based on your experience. How were the toppings on your pie?

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      I had the polpetti which was house made meatballs, ricotta, and spinach - the meatballs were delicious. I think they have a meatball appetizer as well that I will likely be forced to order next time around.

      I also ate a slice of my friend's carne - guanciale, pancetta and sopressata as I recall (I think one more meat that I am forgetting) - might have been a bit salty to eat a full pie but I definitely enjoyed a taste of it. There was something green on it as well but what it was escapes my memory. The third had prosciutto di parma and arugula, didn't taste this one but he seemed to really enjoy it (in fairness you can't really go wrong).

      All three had sauce made with san marzano tomatoes which was spot on as well - lots of flavour, not too wet.