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Aug 1, 2012 01:56 PM

Quinoa in Vancouver

I just had my first taste of quinoa and I'm curious to try more.

I enjoyed it in a light, green salad from a Granville district restaurant called Piknik.

I was wondering, are there any other restaurants in Vancouver/Surrey that serve quinoa? The salad was great, and I'd love to try it cooked, or in a different combination.

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  1. yes, we like quinoa too - better than couscous in our estimation (i'm sure a chow person expert can tell us the difference) ....

    i'm not really a cook but was surprised --- it's easy to make & "accesorize" quinoa at home, assuming you are at home and not in a hotel etc. when you posted this question

    i like the Presidents Choice organic pkg'd one - it's at Super Valu, or Superstore, or if you live normally back east, i think it's Loblaws that is the PC store back there..

    1. I haven't had it there but Yew has it on their menu and it seems to be a warm dish (I assume that's what you mean by "cooked"):
      You get two varieties in that one, which is a bonus.

      I also remember seeing it on The Acorn's menu but I haven't been to the restaurant:

      For something quicker, Whole Foods has a few quinoa salads in their take-out section. However, anytime I've had something there, I've found it quite bland, so it's not necessarily something I'd recommend. YMMV.

      Unless you're really not into cooking, I do think the best way to experiement is in your own kitchen. It's an absolute cinch to prepare and absorbs flavours very easily -- great as a rice substitute (not in all situations, obviously, but certainly as a side, prepared like pilaf or just mixed with some pesto or something... speaking mainly of the typical white variety). Another thing I like to do is make quinoa patties and eat them with aioli or any number of other sauces (this is one dish where pan frying really matters; I tried baking them to be healthy and it just wasn't the same). Just remember to rinse well before cooking to remove any bitterness! // edit: I'm sure you got my meaning but sorry about the poor sentence structure. Of course, that's "before cooking, rinse it well," not "rinse well ahead of time before you cook it" :)

      I, too, like quinoa (which is a seed) better than couscous (which is flour-based). In fact, I love the former and abhor the latter.

      1. My first introduction to quinoa was years ago at The Foundation. I would not necessarily recommend seeking a meal there, but if you're seeking restaurants that serve quinoa, they most certainly do.

        Note: you can easily find quinoa bulk in Vancouver grocery stores (Donald's Market, Urban Fare, etc.)

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          Thanks for all the advice - I think I'll make a bit at home and see how it goes.

          It is an interesting food, especially for someone who loves white rice.

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            Good luck with the quinoa quest! If you do decide to DIY, I've noticed quinoa can go off rather quickly so just buy as much as you need.

            1. re: mborghese

              I know this isn't the Home Cooking board, but if you're making quinoa at home, try toasting it first. Just rinse the uncooked quinoa under running water, drain, add to a dry skillet and toast until golden brown. Then cook it per package instructions. It's really yummy!