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Aug 1, 2012 01:49 PM

Charleston: I want to try new things....

You all have heard me go on and on about my favorites...but it's time to break out. I reserved McCrady's (yes, i've been there, but only once since Sean Brock), McIntosh (new!), and I'm trying to decide on dinners 3 and 4. Grocery? Glass Onion? Something else? (I'm ruling out Fig, Husk, Trattoria Lucca, Cru Cafe 'cause i've been there too much)

As for lunches...I'm planning to do Wich Doctor on Folly....need one other lunch out there. Taco Boy? Crepe truck? something else? My final lunch will be at the farmer's market , and I'm beside myself with excitement. Best trucks? will they all be together in the park?

Oh, btw, as I have perused the menus of all the places I've read about, I'm disturbed that so many new places seem to be placing more emphasis on pork and it's glories than Charleston's local seafood. Where should I go to ensure I have plenty of fish/shellfish choices? (but not a raw bar like amen St.)


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  1. We were just there last week. Barbara Jean's was pretty good. Toast was great.
    Taco Boy was fun, I like the kimchi beef tacos and the tempura shrimp tacos. Witch Doctor was closed when we were there. The oyster po boy at Rita's was pretty good.

    I ditched the wife and kids for some late night live music and beers at Blind Tiger. They were closing the kitchen at the time, but I managed to have a good time anyway.

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    1. re: chileheadmike

      That last paragraph is pretty funny.

    2. I can't wait to hear what you think about MacIntosh. I still haven't been.

      I think you'd adore Glass Onion. It's very special. I've only been to Grocery once. it was fabulous. Of course, it was during softshell season and I never met a softshell I didn't love. The menu looked great- lots of seafood that day.

      Maybe Tristan this time? Are you going to be on IOP? The Carolina Creole truck is in the parking lot near Publix near me on Fridays. The Roti Roll truck people have a booth at the Market. Good stuff. Call me when you get here.

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      1. re: Sue in Mt P

        I just printed a Tristan menu. I'm going to try to pretend to let my husband have some input on one of the meals. ;-) He'd be all over the po boys at GO, i'm sure. Do you go there for lunch or dinner or both? sorry...i'm sure some of these questions are repeats.

        No, I'm going to be on Folly. (my prefered island, although I will miss staying at my friend's IOP mansion)

        1. re: danna

          I've been to GO for both. I would go more often if it were closer. If they have any Belle's links in their freezer take some home with you. They're the ones I dreamed about in Germany.

          Big brouhaha out on Folly over the beer ban. Whiners.

          The other place you might want to consider is Anson. Really good S&G.

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            yuck. sausage. yuck. you're not helping send me to GO ;-)

            You know, I heard about that, but I thought alcohol was ALWAYS banned on the beach. I'm just thinking IOP? I know you couldn't have it at Myrtle when I used to go...wait...maybe that's because I was underage when i went to Myrtle ....

            eh...I've been to Anson, liked it well enough, but not enough to qualify for a repeat. Plus, I'll just make my own s&g. Requirements are different for those of us who only get to eat in Chas a dozen times a year or so. Guess you'll be learning that soon :-(

            Hey, does Tristan's menu stay the same for a while? I can't tell whether i'm looking at an actual or a sample. I sent The Grocery a note on FB asking where I could see their current menu and they directed me to their website, where the menu is full of cauliflower and brussel sprouts. Seriously? in August?

            1. re: danna

              Too bad. That sausage is delicious. So was the field pea falafel I had last week.

              Alcohol was only recently banned on Folly due to nuts on July 4.

              Trust me, I am chewing up this town as fast as I can.

              I'm not sure about the Tristan menu. When we were there they have a wine dinner option that looked like a deal. Call them and ask. Some places change items so often it's hard to keep up. Glass Onion does a great job of keeping their page current.

              When I was at Grocery, the menu was on a chalkboard so I'm thinking it's not current.

      2. I had a really fast lunch at 2 Boroughs Larder last fall and loved it so much, I've been waiting for a chance to go back. The menu had a lot of room for exploration. I recall a really good Asian-inspired noodle bowl and crispy pig ears.

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        1. re: kathleen purvis

          much seafood that you remember? I love pig, i really do, but it's taking over!

          1. re: danna

            The most current menu lists a few things in the fishy vicinity:

        2. Update - I may need some funky lunch ideas near IOP. Looks like I might be staying three instead of Folly (hard to find a place on Folly...who knew?). Like food trucks or super casual places , but with good food. I was really into Wich Doctor....but not gonna drive that far for lunch I don't think. Stuff like that. No bbq, not hamburger....need light , healthy-ish, casual lunch so I can save up for dinner. thanks!

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          1. re: danna


            On IOP, one of my favorites is Sea Biscuit. Have you been there? They close at 2, I think.

            If you can come to Mt. P., and are here on a Friday, the Carolina Creole truck is by the Publix on Ben Sawyer. Another place, just across the street, is Stack's Coastal Kitchen. Nice lunch options. Others include Mustard Seed, Basil, and Crave. The latter 2 are just off the connector.

            1. re: Sue in Mt P

              Sea Biscuit...what's good there...the breakfast stuff? Carolina Creole truck's website says this fri they're at some middle school....I see me getting lost.... :-)

              1. re: danna

                You might want to check Seewee, which is on Hwy 17 North a little further out than the IOP connector. I've only been once but it was excellent, and it's where Alton Brown started his Feasting On Asphalt series a few years ago.

                Acme Cantina is on Sullivan's Island, but is another favorite that isn't too terribly far.

                1. re: Charles Robinson

                  I agree that seewee is excellent...although I dont think she is wanting a "drive" BUT that was NOT where Alton Brown started his Feating on Asphalt series. He started at Jack's Cosmic dogs...he never went to seewee.


                  1. re: LaLa

                    what about the fish tacos at Poes? good?

                    1. re: LaLa

                      How far *IS* it to seewee? I think I'm sending my husband up to something called SeeWee Outpost to park to ride his bike in Francis Marion forest. close?

                      1. re: danna


                        I think SeeWee Outpost (Awendaw) is only 15-20 minutes up 17 from Mt. Pleasant. I had lunch at the Carolina Creole truck in Mt. P last October and really enjoyed it. I also ate at Atlanticville on Sullivans Sat night after the PGA - and loved it - I dont think they have lunch but dont really know.

                        1. re: danna

                          The restaurant is across the road from the outpost in the same half mile....which is a very cool store too. I think there is a sign close by that says 16 miles to Charleston.

                          1. re: danna

                            Sorry, sista, I've been packing up my life. I'll start at the bottom.

                            Yes, last time I had fish tacos at Poe's, they were fine. But you know like I do, it's summer. Quality falls off. You might have to stand in line.

                            If I had a husband, well never mind. The Seewee restaurant is on the left just before the Outpost. I have one week left, so call me. I'll do Seewee day or night.

                    2. I have been to The Grocery, Two Boroughs Larder and The Macintosh several times each. The food was good but they're all overpriced. Save your money and go to Glass Onion. It's as good if not better and 1/2 to 1/3rd the price.

                      If you want a nice evening out in addition to McCrady's I very highly recommend Circa 1886. Chef Marc Collins does some amazing things with seafood. I see someone has already recommended Tristan, which is another favorite.

                      Don't let Amen Street's "raw bar" moniker throw you off. They have some very good fish entrees as well.

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                      1. re: Charles Robinson

                        For a light, casual lunch, you might try the Village Bakery on Pitt St. in the Old Village area of Mt. Pleasant. They have good sandwiches, but I really enjoyed the creative salads I've had there the two times I've been. They have a sandwich menu, a selection of salad type sides, and several specials each day.