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Aug 1, 2012 01:35 PM

Late night eats - Downtown


I'll be in Toronto, staying downtown and need a few recs for late night eats. Any updates/new suggestions?


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  1. 416 Snack Bar on Bathurst just North of Queen is my current go to.

    1. How late is "late" ?

      1. swatow
        taste of china
        paldo gangsan
        pho pasteur

        1. The Kom Jug Yuen- best BBQ pork and duck in the downtown core.

          1. Welcome to TO

            I'll throw out Burrito Boyz. The Adelaide location. http://www.burritoboyz.ca/ You may already know about it since you asked for "New."

            They do what some people (Like me) call a Toronto style burrito. It's wrapped and then grilled on a flat top (or pannini style). I'm a big fan of the shrimp burrito.