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Aug 1, 2012 01:24 PM

Week in Colmar

Some friends and I will be spending about a week in Colmar starting on Saturday. This is probably the most disorganized vacation to Europe ever planned, so we haven't really done that much research.

I am excited to eat Choucroute and Tarte Flambee and drink Riesling, so what are the must-visit restaurants in Colmar? Or pastry/cheese shops? Or bars? We will be renting a car so we can visit other places in the neighboring area.

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  1. Here is my report from 2009 (things generally don't change all that much so it should still be applicable today):

    I hope you enjoy this wonderful part of the world. Try to do as we did, a day trip to the Franche-Comte. We liked it so much we went there for 3 days last year. Here is the link to that report:

    1. For choucroute try Wistub Brenner. Good food and nice local wine list. The place right across the street makes very good Tarte Flambee, but I wouldn`t recommend it otherwise. Both is situated in The Petit Venice area.

      For pastry try Gilg in the old town.

      For more upscale dining; Rendez-vous de la chasse, JYS and L`Atelier de Peintre.

      Our best experience was the cheese ceremonials at Bernard Antony in Vieux-Ferrette (an hours drive south of Colmar). Theyre only available thursday to saturday night, and only 15-20 seatings.
      You can taste about 20 of the best cheeses in France, and a great winelist. Personal, friendly and fantastic cheese.

      Try the Taverne Alsacienne in Ingersheim (4 km outside Colmar). Very friendly, good food and winelist. If you really want to treat yourself try L`Auberge de l`ill in Illhauseren. Wonderful and classic. A true legend.

      I will also recommand a visit to Eguisheim, Riquewihr, Ribauville and Bergheim. Visit some wineproducers.


      1. I've been to Alsace a few times and loved it... Last time we were there, we stayed in Colmar and rented bikes for a few days, every day making a different loop, biking thru the vineyards, tasting wine, eating flammekueche (...mmmm...).. Oh, and there's a great ride from Munster back down to Colmar - you can even put your bikes on the train to go up, and then it's a beautiful cruise down, stopping to buy some Munster cheese of course...

        There's a restaurant in Rouffach, just a bit south of Colmar, Philippe Bohrer - we've eaten there a couple of times and every time it's been fantastic:‎

        Alsatian riesling is good, of course (though IMO German riesling is often better *shhh!*), but the other varietals are also worth trying (e.g. pinot gris, pinot blanc, gewürztraminer, pinot noir... and of course a good bottle of crémant can be truly excellent)

        Foie gras is traditional to Alsace and it's usually paired with a Vendange Tardive Riesling, if you're open to such things I recommend trying it.

        If the weather is good, Alsace is adorable, hope you enjoy it!