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Aug 1, 2012 01:01 PM

Recommendations: blender and/or food processor?

My beloved Cusinart blender cum food processor (1 heavy duty base, 2 toppers--either blender or smallish cup food processor) is dying. What do ya'll recommend? I like to do smoothies, so it needs to crush ice decently, along with basic blender functions. Willing to buy 2 separate items, but if there's a 1-base, 2-function unit that's worthwhile, that's a plus. Also, I'm cheap--would like to keep it under $125. Gracias.

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  1. This is perfect for you. Check out the video and the reviews. Also search for QVC Ninja on Makes ice into snow and perfect smoothies too.

    1. I feel for you. As I just posted re my new immersion blender, I am still using my old Cuisinart, with those awesome "smallish cup food processor." Actually, I received the basic blender for a wedding present (1971); later, we bought the food processing bowl and the even smaller containers (with screw caps for storage!) at the Orange County Fair, believe it or not. And I don't know what I am going to do when mine goes. I am not absolutely convinced there is a "one product does it all" on the market now, but you might look at the MiTutto 9080/9090 by Miallegro. Despite the fact that it is not right for small batches of pestom, I think it would be very versatile for other uses.

      1. Consumer Reports for this month rates blender type appliances. Vita Mix came in first place, but the Ninja came in second. They reported the price for the Ninja as $60. (I saw a Ninja at Costco today for considerably more.)

        I think the Ninja would do a good smoothie, especially if you use ice in your smoothies.