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Aug 1, 2012 12:07 PM

Mateo's Bar De Tapas soon to open in Durham, NC

I'm very excited by the prospect of this restaurant which plans to open by Weds Aug 8th at the earliest. It looks to be promising for a representation of some Spanish classics with perhaps a little Southern twist on some of the items. It will be helmed by Matt Kelley (thus the name) who is owner and head chef currently at Vin Rouge before he hands that over to the former head chef from J. Betskis (I believe that is the case). Anyways take a look at the menu that was printed on N/O today

There is also a Sherry menu but since that is not my area of focus I did not post it.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I sure do wish there was a seafood fiduea and some octopus, but otherwise it looks pretty authentic and good. Lots of pork, but that is pretty much what the Spanish love.

    So you're saying Matt Kelley will be leaving VR? Scary thought - I love his cooking there.

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      Hi LulusMom - there is octopus carpaccio on the Frias section. Can't wait to try this place. Menu looks awesome! I wasn't able to see the location though. Anyone know where it is?

      1. re: winedine

        Per the N&O, its the old Book Exchange building at 109 W. Chapel Hill St.

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          Good about the octopus carpaccio - I'm happy they have it. Thanks for pointing it out. The main way I was looking for it was as pulpo a la plancha, a pretty classic Galician dish. They've subbed shrimp. I'm sure it will also be delicious.

        2. re: LulusMom

          I'm not totally sure but I know they had hired the chef from J. Betskis some time back.

        3. I am so looking forward to this place - can't wait to try it!