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Aug 1, 2012 12:06 PM

Boothbay Harbor area?

My wife and I are taking a few days after our son's wedding in and around Boothbay Harbor and are looking for some insight for places to eat. If possible, some casual (lobster in the rough?) and some pricier. We know Portland has a lot of good places, but we will only pass near there on the way back to Massachusetts. Thanks in advance....

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    Cozy dining room, nice pub, consistent for years, a favorite of locals. Terrific clams, mussels, crab cakes and don't miss the onion rings.
    Tapas-style menu of small plates, pleasant upstairs dining area with a nice view

    Bridge Street Cafe for breakfast

    Bets Fish Fry - a casual lunch spot you must experience once/ SHARE a haddock sandwich.

    Downeast ice Cream Factory

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      Thank you! We are STAYING at the Thistle Inn, so that couldn't be easier....

    2. For casual lobster we enjoyed two places on a recent visit to the Bath area. Waterman's Beach in Thomaston ME is about an hour north of you. Cundy's Harbor, Harpswell ME is about an hour south of you. Both make nice drives. Both have picnic tables looking out on the water. Cundy's Harbor is a small, very active harbor. Waterman's is more open ocean like. Although both are pretty busy (I suggest going either a little early or having a late lunch) both areas are scenic and not as crowded as the Boothbay area.

      The places near Pemaquid Point would be closer but we haven't visited them in a long time.

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      1. Here is my report from my stay in Boothbay Harbor a month ago. Bet's Fish Fry is not to be missed if you like F&C. Also highly recommend the Coastal Botanical Garden and its cafe.

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          My wife and I just got back from Maine and spent a few days in the Boothbay area.
          For lobster rolls, there is a little store on Sawyer Island (Trevetts) about 10 minutes from Boothbay that has the best lobster rolls we ate while in Maine. It's well worth your time to make the short drive.
          Also, there is a little store on the left when driving into Boothbay that sells lobster (steamed) for something like 5 lobsters for $30-35. I think the name of the place is Mainiac.
          We ate some great meals in Maine, especially in the Portland area. But, those lobster rolls from Trevetts store were fantastic.

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            That would be the Trevett Country Store on Barters Island Road. I have heard the same thing about their lobster rolls, sadly I can't eat shellfish. :(

        2. Just wanted to thank you guys for all your great suggestions. Heading to the same are in a few weeks for a week long laid back vacation in the South Bristol/Damariscotta area and these were just the kinds of places we're looking for.

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            Thanks so much for all your help - to report back as of 8/14/12 - Thistle Inn is outstanding meals and the pub menu above average. Super cocktail and wine menu there. Boat House Bistro is the perfect lunch - great view from their deck and a Grilled Lobster Sandwich that was a winner. Did not eat at Bet's but the line was around the block when we drove by. Good gelato and sorbetto at Gelato Maineia. Picked up lobsters to bring home at the Atlantic Edge company.