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Aug 1, 2012 11:59 AM

Need help filling in the ( dining ) blanks

Staying at the Cosmo - not planning to rent a car but will cab if worth it. Trying to find "uniquely Vegas" places we don't get a chance to try in the SF Bay Area

Here's what I have so far ( 4 lunches, 3 dinners )

Lunch - Lotus of Siam, Holstein's , Wicked Spoon, Estiatorio Milos

Dinner - Comme Ca ( gastropub night - anyone try this yet ) ; e ; Jaleo,

So basically I have thai, burger, buffet, french, spanish, molecular - anything else?

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  1. Only thing I would say is rent a car. It is so cheap to rent a car in Vegas (you actually get cheaper rooms on Expedia if you include a car...if you don't believe me try. It's like 10 to 40% cheaper!) that the cost of cabs is almost prohibitive when factoring in final costs.

    That said, I would swap out Comme ca for Raku. Raku is one of the best dining options in all of Las Vegas. Reasonably priced and excellent quality.

    1. It's a real nice list. I've never been to Comme Ca but have to agree with LVI that a trip to Raku would be very worthwhile, and it's only open for dinner.