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Aug 1, 2012 11:45 AM

Spending a week in Grenada - Best types of food? Best markets? Best restaurants?

Staying on the south end of the island, but I am willing to go anywhere to find some good food.

What is good to eat in general in Grenada? I hear the traditional dish is the Oil Down and I keep see saltfish coming up in my searches.

What about good food markets to go to? Luckily for me, I'm staying with a friend who rents a house and so I'd like to do a little cooking if I can find some good markets. I'll definitely be on a quest for some good seafood.

And of course, where are the best places to eat? I'm interested in fancy restaurants, hole in the wall shacks, and everything in-between.

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  1. They call Conch, Lambi...make sure it's farmed (not so healthy but the real deal wild conch is not so plentiful)....Roti is good...they serve some funky animals too such as Manicou..anything with nutmeg is good..rum punch, ice cream. I love pepperpot, a savory stew with calaloo...I have not been in quite some time so defer to others to make specific restaurant recs.

    1. For upscale meals, Oliver's at Spice Island Beach Resort and The Aquarium were very good.

      I found The Aquarium offered more bang for the buck than Oliver's.

      When I dined at Oliver's, most people dining were older (over 60), all-inclusive guests at the Spice Island Beach Resort where Oliver's is located, but the restaurant is open to customers who are not staying at the resort. Dinner at Oliver's cost around $85 before tax and tip for a 5 course meal a couple years ago, so it is an expensive restaurant for Grenada.

      The crowd at The Aquarium was more mixed age-wise, although still predominantly tourists and travellers from resorts and vacation rentals.

      Lots of great seafood in Grenada, and some breakfast dishes come with fish. While I do like most types of seafood, I discovered I am not a fan of lambi/conch, but I'm glad I tried it while I was in Grenada.

      Calaloo and nutmeg shows up in a lot of different dishes.

      You'll also see some dishes common in other parts of the West Indies, such as roti. I thought the chicken roti was pretty good in Grenada, even if the island isn't known for its roti.

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