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Aug 1, 2012 11:37 AM

Anniversary Dinner for August in Tucson

Hi Chowhound friends! i would appreciate feedback on where to surprise my husband for our Anniversary romantic dinner in Tucson. Right now, I'm considering Le Rendez Vous-but, not sure if the quality is so good with changes going on there this year. I'd consider taking a risk if it were a regular dinner, but not our 'special night'. The other thought is Vivace. Thank you. :)

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    1. My husband and I went there recently and were delighted with the food as well as the waiter's wine recommendation. It was probably the best meal we've had in Tucson in at least a few years. Having had the good fortune to have lived in Paris for a few years, we have high standards. Le Rendezvous more than met them this time. (We have been a bit disappointed there a few times in the past, before the change of management.)

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        Thank you for your feedback bitchincook. Maybe the new management will bring positive changes to Le Rendezvous.