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Aug 1, 2012 11:24 AM

gordon ramsay steak at paris

Thinking of going there later this month, but haven't read any reviews on CH. would love to hear about your good/bad/meh experience(s)

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  1. I just cut this from my trip report, so it might not flow properly without the pictures. I just ate there a couple of weeks ago.

    I was really looking forward to it! I have dined at his place in New York and one in London and really enjoyed the meals. I arrived about 10 minutes before 8. They told me reservations were running late but I could go in the lounge and wait. The couple before were told reservations were about fifteen minutes behind. I went to go to the lounge but there was a line up to get in there, so no where to sit. I told the hostess and she said to wait outside then. I waited by this sign....and I waited. At 8:20 I asked if they had an idea of how long. She put on a nice stiff smile and said, "When a table becomes available, we'll seat you". Well, I waited until 8:45 for that! I was quite pissed off! 45 minutes to wait when you have a reservation is a very long time.

    The music was really loud and it was hard to hear. I was talking to a table beside me and had to ask them to repeat what they were saying a few times. They were over-the-top happy about their meal though. My waitress asked me if I had any questions on the menu and I told her I had been looking at it for 45 minutes outside, so no. I ordered Onion soup and Beef Wellington.

    Soooo, I guess my mood helped colour my meal unsatisfactory. The bread basket was just ok. I just tried one of the round "truffle" ones but I couldn't really discern the truffle taste. The soup was good though served luke warm. When it was put down, he told me, "Be careful, it's really hot!". So, I stirred it and blew on the spoon and then, what? It's barely hot at all! It was good. I don't think it was $16 good though. Then, the beef wellington really didn't impress me and it was served luke warm as well, barely. The steak was a little tough, the pastry was hard to cut and fell off. By the time I got through half I asked my server for more gravy. She said, "You mean red wine sauce?" I said, "sure, whatever". The gravy helped me chew through the rest! I still didn't finish it.

    The bill was $107 after tip and Total Rewards discount. My server tried hard to up sell the tasting menu which comes with a limited edition autographed picture of Gordon that you get to keep with the menu! What I also thought was weird was after I ordered she brought over the "steak tray" and gave me an overview of the steaks. She started with, "Gordon wants all our customers to know what steaks we serve"...I had to listen to it three times as new tables beside me were seated but at least they got the lesson before they ordered! One table asked how long they keep those steaks for and she said they throw them all away and start fresh every three hours. Anyway, I was disappointed overall.


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      thanks, that's a helpful report. 45 minute wait with a reservation -- and they didn't offer you a drink? not good.

      1. re: raider

        A drink might have improved my mood! Alas, no. The only apology I received was from the lady who walked me to my table. I told her it wasn't her fault.

        As to the "up sell", I didn't even hear his name mentioned in his other two restaurants. Here, it was, "Gordon this, Gordon that". The drink menu is on a tablet and I got, "Gordon has some special drinks he recommends on the British tab" or something like that. And the Tasting menu up sell had more, "When those limited edition photos are gone, they're GONE. No one can get them anymore". It was a "Hells Kitchen" pose with his arms crossed. My server tried twice to sway me to that menu.

        The two tables beside me both declared the sticky toffee pudding to be the best they've ever had and one gentleman told me it was the best steak he's ever had in his life. I really wished my experience was that good! It was that good in New York.

      2. re: ck1234

        Though too late to help the OP, our experience was very similar to yours.

        We have dined at nearly every GR restaurant in London, and loved each. This was our first US GR restaurant, and had high expectations.

        Reservations for 3 made about a month out. Arrived on time, but were told to wait. Lounge was so loud, that we could not even speak to each other. After about 30 mins. we were seated at a tiny 2-top.

        Did 4 bottles of wine (no room on our table for such), and they only have one stem design, even for big Montrachets, red Burgs, and big reds. Probably a good thing, as we had to hand off nearly everything on that tiny table, just for the wine glasses. The list, on iPad, is not easy to fully navigate, and if one changes criteria, then it's almost a "do over." The list is adequate, but many of the more likely choices are very highly marked up - beyond what I would find even in London. Also, the sommelier really needs to do some serious study, and not just on his wine list.

        Food was OK, if I discount my wife's overcooked Prime Filet (she spent 5 mins. discussing the level of doneness to order, based on what she wanted, and they missed it by at least two levels). My Kobe Filet was just OK, and did not even make my "top-20" Filet list. Seems that it was ~ $110? (Priced by the oz, but do not recall the unit price.)

        Sides were also just OK. Nothing to praise.

        Even upstairs in the dining area, the music made normal communication almost impossible - maybe that was why we were seated at such a tiny table - so we could talk? Many restaurants, that know us, seat us at 4-tops minimum, and more often 8-tops, just for the wine glasses.

        I would not return to GR Steak, but will to Petrus, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Claridge's, Savoy Grill and Maze - especially Petrus!


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          I read you on NOLA regularly and I'm making a trip back there next month (can't wait!). The two-top I had was barely good for me and when the other two-top table beside me chose to sit side-by-side together (next to me), we were squished in like bugs in a rug! Cheers, Hunt.

          1. re: ck1234

            That is a design statement that I just flat hate! Now, we (my wife and I) probably have more wine glasses and bottles, or half-bottles, than most 2-couple dinners, so we have an extra issue. Still, I have panned several other restaurants for tiny tables (two in LV, but many other locations).

            Even if I DO have enough table real estate for our wines, our food and our glassware, if servers' posteriors are constantly sweeping across our table, while working on near-by tables, I find that off-putting, at the very least.

            I want enough room to have everything comfortably near me, and not have to worry about a stem getting caught under a plate, bowl, or whatever. I want room between tables for servers to move about, and not bother me, and for us to be able to exit the table, without bothering any other diners.

            I know that restaurant real estate can be horribly expensive, but maybe four fewer tables? I have never dined at a Michelin "starred" restaurant, where space was a real problem - at least not that I can remember. After all, it should be about the enjoyment of each patron, or group of patrons, IMHO.


          2. re: Bill Hunt

            If you want great service, comfortable seating in a beautiful room, terrific food, and wonderful attention to your wine service, Le Cirque at the Bellagio is the answer.

            1. re: josephnl

              Thank you.

              Le Cirque is at the top of my "must do" list in Las Vegas.



            2. re: Bill Hunt

              Gordon Ramsay Steak was made for those in the US addicted to his widely popular Hell's Kitchen et al (popular does not translate to quality. Example, Jerry Springer is widely popular...). The others I would argue are made for a completely different crowd and IMO more discerning.

              1. re: LVI

                That was sort of my feeling too.

                Being a fan of many of Chef Ramsay's UK restaurants, we were a bit gobsmacked, with our first US Ramsay experience. Not what we had expected, or hoped for, but such is life.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Gordon Ramsay seems to have taken over LV. He has restaurants in 3 hotels (I believe): Caesars, Paris & Planet Hollywood. My window at the Bellagio has multi story views of him from Paris and PH. I liked his original restaurant in London and in NYC (before he left).

                  1. re: ellenost

                    We also noticed the giant plastic likenesses too, plus the hype for his three (at the time) restaurants in LV. We ONLY did Gordon Ramsay Steak, so I cannot comment on the others, but, as we are not fans of anything Planet Hollywood, it is unlikely that we will try them - even though I am a "burger fan."

                    We had very high hopes, but were disappointed on so many levels. That will, however, not change our opinions of most of his UK restaurants, which have ranged from very good to excellent. We have also had great experiences at restaurants, owned by some of his protégés, such as Anglea Hartnet, and Marcus Waring.

                    I have also enjoyed more of this TV programs, than similar, from similar chefs.

                    Still, Gordon Ramsay Steak is off of our radar screen - sorry.


                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      I'm not going to any of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants on this trip. Killed my appetite yesterday by having the Kobe burger with foie gras at Hubert Keller's Burger Bar at lunch; could only pick at my dinner at Sage. Actually don't want any more red meat on this trip so I cancelled my dinner reservation tonight at Delmonico and am having dinner at Bar Masa instead.

                      1. re: ellenost

                        Sorry that you have gone into overload.

                        This has happened to us, when dining in New Orleans (basically where we are both from). We did a "Tour of the Grand Dames," so a lot of very rich food (something that we grew up on), and when we hit Galatoire's on our last night, my wife looked at the menu, and then whispered to the server - "Anything without butter. I can't take one more drop of butter."

                        While we still love all of the Gordon Ramsay restaurants around London, I sort of doubt that we'll be trying any of his other LV locations. I think that they are shooting for a totally different demographic, than we fall into. Such is life.


          3. We were there a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it! We sat in the lounge area and had dinner there. I didn't find the music to be all that loud...volume was just right. The place had a good energy about it, lots of people, a fun atmosphere. It is defintiely a departure from the basic quiet, heavy-feeling steak house. We liked the food, the drinks, etc. and didn't have any issues about being upsold. Yes, it's pricey, but so is most everything in Vegas (including the Starbucks where my regular drink is about $2 more than at home - ugh!).

              1. re: sockster

                "Gordon Ramsay Steak’s menu, carried out by new Executive Chef Kevin Hee, who trained under Chef Ramsay, will showcase Ramsay’s interpretation of traditional American steakhouse dishes with a hint of modern flair intertwined with many contemporary classics."



              2. I will say that I loved my appetizers and the bread and the sticky toffee pudding. The beef wellington was okay, the sauce was the best thing and the wellington could be made just as good at home. I really like the foie gras with english muffins and the kurobuta pork belly apps. Did not get a steak because I would rather go to Carnevino for that.

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                1. re: A5 KOBE

                  Wife's Pork Belly app. was the best dish of the evening.


                2. My husband and I ate at Gordon Ramsay Steak once in October and twice in February. We each had the bone in ribeye every time and it was the best steaks we've ever had and we've tried most of the steakhouses on the strip. Our reservations were always for around 6pm. On the second visit they did ask us to wait in the bar. The iPad the cocktail waitress gave us froze up and by the time she came back and went to get another we were being seated in the dining room. The waiter, Chris, actually recognized us from our October visit. The sides we ordered were not memorable except for the potato puree which was delicious. Also the sticky toffee pudding really was delicious. Yes, it's kind of a cheesy atmosphere but worth going!