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Aug 1, 2012 10:41 AM

South Jersey/Philly Baby Shower Brunch

I am looking for a place to host a baby shower. I want something cute and quaint. Like a place that would have high tea and is super girly. I don't want to do tea because that is what they did for my shower but something along those lines would be perfect.

Any suggestions are most appreciated. I don't live in Jersey or Philly anymore so I don't know anywhere!

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  1. How many ladies will you have? Do you have a budget? In case you reconsider your tea position, I helped to host a fabulous tea for a baby shower at the Rittenhouse Hotel, there were a few other showers going on at the same time, although we just had a group of 10-12. It's just a matter of making a reservation to their standing afternoon tea.
    It's also a lovely hotel with spectacular food if your budget allows planning a brunch there. They host private events in the Mary Cassatt Tea Room (where they also serve tea in the afternoons).

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      Thanks for replying. We have about 40 people so I think the Rittenhouse Hotel would be too expensive. I think my sister wants more quaint than swank. Think Beau Monde but without the crepes (she hates crepes!)!

      1. re: julin07

        Ha! I had thought of Beau Monde, but it seems tough to get a private space there. I went to a great shower at Rouget in Newtown, but after some googling, seems like that is now closed.

        In South Jersey, you might try Robin's Nest in Mount Holly.

        1. re: urbanfabric

          My mom had suggested that. It gets good reviews but the rooms kind of look frumpy. We will probably end up there or somewhere in the city. There are so many cute places out by me but it is just too far.

          1. re: julin07

            Not as "quaint," a little more modern, there is a nice Italian restaurant in Woodbury, Marlene's, that does private parties.

          2. re: urbanfabric

            Brian closed Rouget in Newtown and opened up a BYO in Lambertville callde Brian's.Bit far given the OP's preferences.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Little too far for us. But thanks!

        2. re: urbanfabric

          I'm coming to this thread over a year late, but I was wondering if you could share the approximate cost for your event at the Mary Cassatt Tea Room. I'm considering something similar (also a baby shower for 10-20 ppl), but am not sure if I'd be priced out of the Rittenhouse. Thanks, if you happen to see this!

          1. re: lagreen

            You could just call the Rittenhouse...

        3. Its not cute or quaint, but we've actually had a number of family functions of anywhere from 20-50 people at Riverwinds in Deptford NJ. It's easy to get to for folks from 295, they have private rooms, and for group menus it's actually both affordable *and* good food (really, no rubber chicken and dried out fish.) Plus, those that may need a drink to get through a baby shower can go hit the bar if need be :)

          1. Maybe Talula's Daily would be willing to do something for you?

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            1. re: alex1018

              The baby has probably celebrated a birthday at this point.........

              1. re: crazyspice

                Good joke! Except that's Talula's Table that you're talking about.

            2. I might suggest Bradocks Tavern on Main st in Medford.