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Last Restaurant Before First Baby

Wife is 37 weeks pregnant with first baby so dont want to go into Manhattan. Looking for a great restaurant for what could be our last "real dinner" out for a while. We have reservations at Tarry Lodge but may want to go elsewhere. Someone recommended eleven14kitchen in J House in Greenwich, Restaurant North in Armonk, and Harper's in Dobbs Ferry. Any thoughts. I was thinking X2O but my wife is a pescatarian so I'm not sure if there enough options there for her. Thanks!!!

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  1. I wasn't crazy about the food at Tarry Lodge. The exception was the branzino ( photo attached) I ordered which was terrific. I don't find Tarry Lodge to be at all comfortable or relaxing and the service was terrible. I do not like X2O either but very much like Restaurant X & Bully Boy in Congers. I also really like Elia Taverna, not as formal/fancy a place as say rest X but fabulous food.

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      We've been to Elia Taverna. The food was very good, but I think I am looking for something a little nicer. We have done Tarry Lodge, Cookery, Eastchester Fish Gourmet. Looking for somewhere new

    2. I'm a huge fan of X20--they have many fish/seafood options! http://www.xaviars.com/restaurants/re...
      Restaurant North is also a good choice for a last grown up date night for awhile, although the atmosphere and view at X20 is more special.

      1. X2O would be great. If you go on a Thursday to their Dylan Lounge, they currently have the below prix fixe which looks amazing! No reservations but it's not crowded on the earlier side. I actually prefer the more festive and laid back (but still upscale) atmosphere in the Dylan. Depends what you are looking for...

        Summer Menu – part 2

        Heirloom Tomato Salad with Fresh Mozzarella

        Balsamic Syrup & Basil Pesto

        Spiced Grissini


        Butter Poached Maine Lobster

        An Array of Hudson Valley Vegetables

        Minestrone Broth


        Warm Peach Cobbler

        Conklin Orchards Peach Sorbet


        $35.00 per person

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          I think its between X2O and Restaurant North now.

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            I like the food at North slightly better but X2O is definitely feels more special.

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              I agree with you about North. X20 only more special in the price. Congrats. My daughter is also 37 weeks. I think I'll suggest spicy mexican to get the ball rolling.

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                My wife/daughter will be 37 weeks on Friday!!! That is our celebration -- full term. We'll grab Little Thai Kitchen in about two weeks

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                What about the Farmhouse at Bedford Post Inn?

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                One more suggestion from me would be Goldfish in Ossining. I would only go there however if they will let you reserve one of the 3 or 4 tables upstairs that offer a view of the open kitchen. It's kind of like dinner and a show. (looks like they are revamping their website)http://www.goldfishdining.com/

            2. Sounds like it's an occasion for the Kittle House in Mount Kisco, a perfect setting for a delightful meal to celebrate entering parenthood.

              1. I vote North!! The menu has everything you might want, the service is great, and be sure to let them know this is a "last supper" of sorts. They really value when people consider them for such meals. We were at J House recently. It is indeed, a scene and the food was good, but I don't know if I'd want to be there at 37 weeks. I say this with some authority as we have a 5 week old. :) Enjoy and good luck!

                1. If yoiu are thinking about X20, check the recent comments on Opentable, and see if anyone said anything about the air conditioning. When we were there in June, the air conditioning was being worked on. Funny thing, the week before, someone said the same thing. The last thing in the world a pregnant woman wants is a hot restaurant. I did have a great dish there though that is fish, skatewing, which I never would have thought to order, but decided to give it a try, and it was great.

                  1. Has anyone been to the Farmhouse at the Bedford Post Inn?

                    1. I really like North but for someone looking for fish but not meat (did not know what pescatarian meant), I think X2O is the better choice. There should be plenty of fish/seafood choices on their menu, certainly more than at North.

                      1. I love North too, but I do find that the noise can impact the experience if you're not seated upstairs. I find X20 to be more comfortable, and having been pregnant in the summer of '95, which was hot like this, I think comfort should be one of the very first priorities!!

                        1. I just want to encourage you not to think of this as the Last Supper. :-) You will see the inside of fine restaurants and live to dine another day. Congratulations on your great expectations.

                          1. What about Moderne Barn? Went for the first time in May and really liked it.

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                              I have to disagree. I wanted to like it but thought it was completely average and forgettable. I'd much prefer to go to Tarry Lodge.

                            2. I really appreciate everyones advice. My wife really likes sitting by the water so we are going to just go to X2O. She has never been there, so I hope she likes it. They'll be more dinners.... just not as often and not as much $$. Thanks to all!!

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                                I hope you enjoy the meal/experience, and congratulations!

                                I stand by the rest X recommendation.

                                Perhaps when you are ready to celebrate with a romantic dinner. http://www.xaviars.com/restaurants/re... (click on the virtual tour)

                                I personally prefer the ambiance and the clientele and find it to be more romantic than X20. There is a water feature outside of the back room, a pond as opposed to a river :)

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                                  If you are a Costco member, you can buy gift cards for Xaviar's restaurants for 20% off $100 for $79.99. They have them in the Westchester and Rockland clubs.

                                  Be sure to ask for a table with a water view when you make the reservation.