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Aug 1, 2012 10:28 AM

Bistro recommendation for dinner


I have a reservation for lunch tomorrow 2 august at Le cinq. I would spend the rest of the day in the centre and I'm looking for for a place to have dinner. Doesn't really matter where exactly but It would be nice if it is near the touristy stuff (Eifeltower, tuileries,...) Budget: +/- 35 EUR for 2 dishes (an entire menu will be too much I guess after Le Cinq)

And for the day after I'm planning to spend the afternoon in Versailles and I'm looking for something not too far from the Peripherique going north (I'm going back too Belgium that evening). Again location is not that important but I'd prefer not to get stuck in traffic. Budget up to 50 EUR for 3 courses (Bib gourmand?).

I've tried La RĂ©galade and chez L'Ami Jean but they don't seem to answer the phone at the moment. Something similar to those restaurants would be perfect.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions..

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  1. <I've tried La RĂ©galade and chez L'Ami Jean >

    I can't imagine you'll want that much food for dinner after lunch at Le Cinq.

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      I was thinking that the original La Regalade would fit for the day after
      , but even I would hesitate go there either after le Cinq

      1. re: dcbbq

        Agree with everyone here. One of those meals a day is enjoyment. Two a day is pain and waste.

    2. In the end we went to Terroir Parisien for dinner where we each just had an main dish. Food was ok, but slightly overpriced in our opinions.

      The day after we had reservations at Les 110 de Taillevent. We had the prix fixe menu which was excellent but with the room/ambience too dark we wouldn't come back.

      Anyway, lunch at Le Cinq was excellent as always. Thanks to all the chowhounds, as without you all I've never would have dared to set foot in this superb restaurant.