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Aug 1, 2012 09:53 AM

Rosie gives props to Modern American Eatery

Well deserved...the word is getting out

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  1. The place has really got me intrigued. Unfortunately they serve a "brunch" menu on the weekends, which keeps me away 2 out of the 3 meals that I'd likely get to JC to try it.

    I suspect its location is a bit of a challenge for some. The parking didn't look very easy.

    1. Four of us went last night and were not that impressed. Bar snacks and starters were better than entrees. Service was good at first and then tapered off as the evening got busier. We were barely acknowledged by our waitress as all 4 of us passed right by her as we left; we tipped 20%, so it was not that. They had the pig roast, which I was excited about when the waitress announced it with the specials, but upon getting up and looking at it, was disappointed. Yes, it was a whole roasted suckling pig, but just sitting out on a table with flies buzzing around it. The sides of corn on the cob, rice and beans were just piled up unappetizingly in aluminum foil baking pans. There was nothing keeping the food warm or protected at all. Fine for a backyard barbecue, but not what I would expect from a restaurant. I feel that if the board of health saw this, they would close the place down.

      While we would not go back for dinner, we did agree sitting at the bar and having a cocktail with a few starters would be OK.

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        I'd like to add some additional info:

        While we were dining at MAE on Saturday night, a couple of neighbors from our building were also there, a few tables away. We acknowledged one another with a wave and a smile, but no talking. The next morning, I saw one of our neighbors in the lobby of our building. I asked him what he thought of his dining experience the night before, and he pretty much said it was a disaster. While he had been to MAE for dinner before and liked it, he said this time that it was obvious the kitchen and the wait staff just could not handle the pressure of being full on a Saturday night. His table waited 45 minutes between finishing their appetizers and getting their entrees. Also, the waiter dropped off dessert menus/told the table what the dessert choices were (I can't remember which) only to return a few minutes later and announce there were no desserts left. I understand how such a place can run out of desserts, but to ask the table if they want dessert, have the table decide on what they want and then tell that table there are no desserts left is just unprofessional.

        All of this is very disappointing since I think the menu is very interesting and we had high hopes for this restaurant.

      2. Wow - bad photography and poor writing, that blog is such a stereotype I almost thought it was a parody. The restaurant is interesting though.

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        1. Rosie is quite prodigious, posting an article nearly every day. Quite a resource. She lists new and reopened restaurants throughout the state.