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Aug 1, 2012 09:32 AM

Maialino - Better for brunch or dinner?

I know this is a rather open-ended question, but given the option between going to Maialino for Sunday brunch or Saturday dinner, which is better? It seems like most of the reviews on Yelp are from people who went there for brunch (and raved about the muffins), but I've also heard the dinner menu is more expansive. This will be our first time dining at Maialino, and we would like to try the popular dishes, ie. suckling pig ragu, etc.

In terms of ambience and selection of popular menu items, is brunch or dinner better?

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. Dinner is outstanding. Brunch is brunch

    1. I would also vote dinner. Brunch is fine, but not my favorite.

      1. Definitely dinner. You cannot get the signature maialino at brunch.

        1. Full disclosure: brunch is not my favourite meal. That said, the first time I visited Maialino was for brunch. Had very good coffee and pastries, but an oversalted, clumpy carbonara. So the kitchen clearly wasn't -on- during my brunch, even when serving only a very limited range of non-breakfast foods. On the other hand, it was very pleasant with the sun streaming in over Gramercy Park. If I lived in the neighbourhood, I could see myself dropping in regularly for breakfast/brunch.

          Dinner is a very different story. Food is excellent. And as Roz pointed out, the celebrated dishes eg the pig are only available at dinner. The restaurant gets more... populated, though. The bar area, especially, can become a bit of a singles scene.

          The menus are available on their website: