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Aug 1, 2012 09:21 AM

Cape Cod - Grocery shopping/farm stands/speciality stores etc.

Hi all , we are heading to the Cape next week – Hyannis area and wanted to get some feedback on where everyone gets their produce, bread, meat from.
Our rental starts at Saturday - so we are heading to the Cape early (to avoid traffic) from Montreal. Looking for a good place to eat lunch, pick up groceries before heading up to Truro.
This is our first visit to the Cape and need some advice on places to visit and good affordable restaurants and good beaches for the kids.
Thank you for your help.

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  1. I recommend that you go to the beach at Cahoon Hollow in Wellfleet. The highlight will be happy hour at the Beachcomber. As far as groceries are concerned, there are small markets everywhere on the Cape.

    1. Southern New England Board for Cape. Search by Town.

      There a little farmstand / market right in Truro for basic fresh from farm veggies. There's also an excellent french bakery called PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet for bread and pastry. Lots of other options as well.

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        Do you mean the the Farmstand in the little mall at Rte 6 and Corn Hill Rd? They have good veggies and sell a variety of Pain D'Avignon bread. PB Boulangerie wait is often 30 minutes. I would avoid the Box Lunch place there- it's a mini chain of overpriced beach food. A little farther along Rte 6 towards Ptown on the left is Savory and Sweet. Cash only but great prices for the Cape and a big selection of baked goods, sandwiches, coffee and really interesting flavors of ice cream. Getting a pizza there at dinner time can take up to 1 hour so get pizza at Montano's across Rte 6 in Truro.

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          I was thinking about the farm stand at Rock Spray Nursery on Truro Center Road near the westbound entrance to Rt 6.

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            I have always wanted to try that one but it appears to be open on weekends only (or we never drove by when it was open until the Saturday we were leaving.) Next year!

      2. Can’t tell you much about the Hyannis area, but there’s practically nothing in Truro—you’ll need to either stop in Wellfleet or continue out to Provincetown. I’ll second the recommendation for the little farm stand just outside Truro Center, but avoid the little grocery store, Jams, whose prices are astronomical. The Truro outlet of Macs seafood is very good and they now carry a limited selection of meat. Wellfleet Marketplace in Wellfleet Center isn’t bad for groceries (they also carry beer and wine, which isn’t always the case in Massachusetts), but for seafood I prefer Hatch’s. On the way to Truro, there’s a Stop & Shop (supermarket) just off the rotary in Orleans which has reasonably priced groceries. There’s a nice little spot for lunch, the Orleans Inn, across the street. Ask to be seated on the deck.

        But do check the Southern New England Board, which is where the moderators will probably be moving this thread soon.

        Enjoy your trip!

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          Are you staying in Hyannis or Truro? I am a little confused. I hope Truro as personally, I feel the beaches and dining options are amazing vs Hyannis.

          Truro area eats

          Blackfish - dinner/ Truro
          Savory and Sweet Escape- ice cream/ T
          Atlantic Spice - Spices/T
          PB Boulangerie - pastries/ Wellfleet
          Beachcomber - lunch views beach/W
          Mac Shack- sushi/ W
          Pearl - raw bar views fun vibe/W
          Ross's Grill - lunch / P Town
          Aquabar is a fun vibe in P Town you can order raw bar or Poutine in the little mall area and eat at Aquabar on the deck (get drinks at Aquabar) - kid friendly

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            Any farmstands near South Orleans? And best place for butcher?

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              The Orleans Farmers Market is every Saturday at 8 AM on Old Colony behind Staples.

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                And Wednesdays, late afternoon, same place.

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                A nice butcher nearby is Ferretti's Market. Head toward Brewster on 6A and take a left onto Underpass road. It's at the end on the left.


                There is also Friend's Market in Orleans center for a good local family run grocer with decent meats.

          2. The best supermarket on the Cape for price, freshness, selection and quality is Mark Basket in Sagamore. Just take the first exit once you cross the Sagamore Bridge over the canal. There's a Trader Joe's in Hyannis for interesting and inexpensive groceries. There's a Farmer's Market on Main Streeet Hyannis on Wednesday afternoons. On the way to Truro there's a nice farm stand just past the rotary on Rte 6 in Orleans on the left. MAc's Seafood in Welfleet has a good fish market as does Friendly Fisherman in Eastham. All the beaches are great for kids.

            1. On route 6 in Truro there is a small shopping center with a farm stand, liquor store and Cape Tip Seafood.
              Cape Tip's website lists the address as #300 Route 6.

              And, if you love bread and baked goods you should stop in Wellfleet at BP Boulangerie. Excellent french bread, croissant, cookies and pastries.