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Aug 1, 2012 08:57 AM

Pizza at Sotto

After all the positive reviews Sotto gets on CH, I was eager to try it out. The pleasing ambiance and intriguing menu also augured well. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there.

An appetizer of spicy clams was so salty as to be almost inedible, while the roast chicken badly needed some sort of flavoring. The wild boar pasta was thick and chewy, with a very meagre portion of sauce, which was more of a jus than a ragu. However, the biggest disappointment was the pizza. Our waiter described it as a neapolitan style pizza. It was not. The crust was completely lacking in any of the qualities one associates with pizza. I would have described it more as a kind of flatbread. It was soft and fluffy, and totally devoid of flavor. In appearance and texture it reminded me of those pre-baked, store-bought pizza crusts called bobolis. Obviously, I can't say for sure, but in my opinion, Sotto uses pre-baked crusts for their pizza, possibly of a commercial variety.

The pizza wasn't exactly bad. The toppings were flavorful, but it just wasn't a pizza crust.

For dessert, the cannoli was better than the chocolate torte, which was just an artless chunk of chocolate one would expect to find in a chain restaurant.

Judging from our fellow diners, this place is better suited for young couples who want to enjoy the fancy cocktails in a lively atmosphere. Foodies and pizza afficionados should go elsewere.

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  1. i'd respectfully disagree. i think sotto is doing one of the best neopolitan pizzas around. just ate there over the weekend and was blown away again by how good sotto is.

    one of my truly favorite places to eat in the city right now.

    1. Love the clams! Love the pizza! Love the octopi!

      IMHO, surely what a true Neapolitan pizza should be, and far from commercially produced.

      I doubt anyone would import a handmade Stefano Ferrara woodburning oven from Italy, to toss in a pre-baked crust commercially made.

      It's unfortunate that you had a bad experience. I kind of had a so-so experience the first time I went, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. And it was the clams and pizza that brought me back the 2nd time....and 3rd time....and 4th, etc. I would urge you to return for another try as well.. Maybe it was an off night for them?

      1. Been a few times myself and couldn't agree more. The pasta dish I had was awful and the pizzas were chewy with a rubbery feel. Watching the bartender smash a block of ice with a spoon was fun though.

        1. Could not disagree more. The pork cheek pizza is fantastic and the pork chop is one of the best in the City. Brick chicken is also very good. Service is always solid. Have not had the clams, but the makral and octopus are both very good.

          1. We went several months ago and we were very disappointed as well. We had a lot of things that came out of the wood burning over and everything, and I do mean everything, was burnt black. Not good burnt, but black and bitter. I couldn't get the take out of my mouth or rid of my black tongue for hours.