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Aug 1, 2012 08:24 AM

Anyone Been to Marino's lately?

I want to go to a good, not necessarily great, Italian restaurant and flashed on a good experience at Marino's several years ago. Would like to know if it is still a good place to go.

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  1. Was there last month for the first time. Great food, friendly service and the $25 gift certificate bought for $3 sealed the deal. I shared the 'Nonna Rosa' meatballs and had the daily special of braised veal short ribs. I'll be back.

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      Used to live down the block. Took me 6 years to finally go there. Went in January and loved it. Super friendly host and waiters. The host (Mario I think) came back to help pick a wine (a moderately priced - he suggested it!) and again at the end of the meal, even with the crowded restaurant. We enjoyed everything we had and the prices were pretty good too.