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Aug 1, 2012 07:43 AM

Where to find "lobster pie" similar to Hilltop's

Years ago I remember having "lobster pie" at the Hilltop. It was really simple and great. Basically a ton of lobster meat cooked in butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. I suppose "lobster casserole" might be a better name.

Can anyone tell me of a more T-accessible place in Cambridge, Somerville or Boston that does this dish nice and simply like the Hilltop's version?


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  1. Belle Isle has a lobster casserole (or at least they did, I always get a lobster roll there and haven't looked at the menu in over a year). Not so far from the Orient Heights T Station.

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    1. re: L2k

      Excellent. I sometimes in that area visiting family!

      1. re: kdl

        I don't believe they do lobster pie, but if you are commonly in the area you might check out the Winthrop Arms which has a lot of baked/stuffed dishes.

    2. The Stockyard used to do one, but recently closed. Its worth a call to Jimmy's Steer House in Arlington, who occasionally does it as a special. I much prefer their crab pie, actually, which is offered year round but substitute lobster when crab isn't available or just as a special. Sounds like the preparation you mentioned, maybe with a small amount of sherry. Like Belle Isle its not particularly close to the T, but there is a bus from Alewife to Arlington Heights which goes right by it as well as the 77 from Harvard or Porter. You might also look into baked stuffed lobster as there are similar preparations and much more available. I happen to like the Dolphin version done with scallops.

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        Love Jimmys crab pie ( have only been to the Saugus restaurant, and to the Grassfields in Andover)- also love their rice. And yoiu cant beat the price

        1. re: macca

          Have you had their rice recently? I've always loved it, but when I was there about a month ago, it was undercooked, underseasoned, and underwhelming.

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            havent been to Jimmys in a while- I was at Grassfields a few months ago, and the rice was fine. I know someone who works at Jimmys and will ask them what happened!

            1. re: fantundo

              I thought that as well the couple of times I ordered it several weeks aog, but I tried it again last week and it was fine. Not sure what happened.

              People rave about Grassfield's Crab pie, but the also have lobster pie on the menu occasionally. I've had it a couple of times and it's very good.

              1. re: BlueMagic

                Grassfields rice, pies, etc are the same as Jimmy's- same owners. And both restaurants offer lobster when the crab prices are too high.

          2. re: itaunas

            Dolphin Seafood in Harvard Square?

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              Yes, there are some hits/misses on the menu but it comes from a similar Greek background as several of the other restaurants and does a good baked stuffed lobster. You also find baked stuffed at Italian American restaurants, although sometimes with different seasoning.

          3. I had a lobster casserole recently at the Mount Vernon. It was kind of overcooked, but not bad.

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            1. re: Fly

              Good to know. That place has always intrigued me. Never been though.

              1. re: kdl

                I live in the neighborhood. I've never had the casserole (don't believe it's available every day but maybe is...called lazy man's lobster) but they have excellent boiled lobster specials and even better if you sign up for their email newsletter. 10.95 last Monday for twins. Step back in time...popovers, too. Lovely people there.

                I do remember having the lobster sherry "pie" at Pier 4 when I was a college student here in the mid 70's and my parents came into town.

                1. re: Madrid

                  Hadn't thought about lobster pie at Pier 4 in at least thirty years. Stuck my head in there on a visit a few years ago...set in amber, just like 1975 in there (and no customers for obvious reasons). I always liked Jimmy's better anyway.

                  Thanks for the flashback.

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    I'll add my thanks for the Hilltop flashback! I hated Hilltop, but would oblige & tag along w/my parents. But I will admit, I loved that lobster pie. Mmm...

            2. I think Frank's in North Cambridge might offer one.

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                Frank's has changed its menu recently, not in a good way, eliminated some of my old favorites. What's an old-fashioned steak house without a teriyaki steak?! It seems like a mistake for a place like that whose niche is vein in a time warp to try to modernize and compete with I'm not quite sure what.

              2. Village Restaurant in Essex has exactly the preparation you describe. Given their overall high food quality, I'd be willing to bet it's tasty. Stephanie's on Newbury and James Hook both have lobster pies, although described more like a pot pie with a flaky crust.