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Aug 1, 2012 07:38 AM

fll to port st lucie


we're a family of five, kids are adventurous eaters, looking for lunch while driving from fll to port st. lucie.we live close to nyc, so we have access to great ethnic food but nyc is weak on cuban. Thinking Fish/shellfish, cuban, fried chicken all sound good but we're open to any and all suggestions.

also, we have one dinner in lauderdale to plan. does miami spice extend to lauderdale? I was thinking chima, would be fun for the kids.

Last time my wife and I were in lauderdale (five years ago) on our own, we went to a happy hour at a bar/restaurant, outdoor seating, I think on a marina, half price oysters, clams and wings. Was very good. Don't recall if it was family appropriate, anyone know what I'm talking about?


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  1. For NYers looking for a touch of Florida for lunch, I'd recommend (both close to I-95):

    * Calypso Restaurant in Pompano Beach (closed Sat/Sun)
    * Coolinary Cafe in Jupiter (closed Sun)

    Both are very casual but feature ultra-fresh local seafood prepared in a wide variety of ways.

    They both also have pretty broad menus with likely something for everyone (excellent burgers, interesting sandwiches, superior sides, etc).

    Search this board for Calypso and Coolinary and you'll find many more details.

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      Don't count on Port St. Lucie for ANYTHING......I live in the area......(but work in Miami)......and the restaurant scene there is fair at's a retirement community and those folks are cheap! cheap! cheap!......Jensen Beach is the heart of the culinary scene.....Peter's Steakhouse.....11 Maple Street......Crawdaddy's (cajun) are all very good.......But Port St. Lucie?.....Fuhgeddabout it!......

      Ft. Pierce, FL

      And in Ft. the causeway heading over to Hutcinson Island.....12-A Buoy is outstanding.....service can be iffy....but food is spectacular...

    2. Miami Spice is a product of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and Ft. Lauderdale restaurants do not participate. There is something similar called Dine Out Lauderdale ( but it doesn't start until October.

      1. There's a place in Ft. Lauderdale on the water called Coconuts and it just opened an oyster bar next door. Is that what you are talking about?

        1. thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, we'll hit lauderdale on consecutive sundays so calypso and coolinary won't work.

          did a quick web search and the place we went was the southport raw bar. It was very good and at happy hour, everything was well-priced. any other raw bars to try?

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            For a raw bar it's hard to top Southport. You might want to try Kelly's Landing just up the street. Phenominal New England clam chowder.

            1. re: vinouspleasure

              Ouch... Looking for good restaurants for Sunday afternoon lunch makes for a tough assignment. Sunday afternoon lunch rules out probably 90% of most options.

              If you enjoyed Southport in FTL however, this time you might want to check out Guanabanas up in Jupiter. It's about 15 minutes east of 95, but IMHO the detour is worth it... Someone coming from NY and esecially with kids will get a big kick out of the ultaa tropical island-like waterfront atmosphere.

              The food is decent... and there's a half price HH menu I believe from 3 to 6. You can order steamed clams, conch chowder, fish dip, the kind of stuff that's hard to mess up.

              Check out their website and you can see some pix to give you an idea.